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Growing focus on customer relationship management means that neither you can lose your data nor you can continue with old legacy systems. However, shifting to the latest and state of the art technologies requires a smooth and secure migration of data. Pentaho can help you achieve this with minimal effort.

Pentaho Data Integration: Kettle

Pentaho Kettle makes Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) of data easy and safe. It allows you to access, manage and blend any type of data from any source.  Whether you are looking to combine various solutions into one or looking to shift to the latest IT solution, Kettle will ensure that extracting data from the old system, transformations to map the data to a new system and lastly loading data to a destination software is flawless and causes no trouble.

Why Pentaho Kettle?

Pentaho guarantees safety of data and simultaneously ensures that users will have to make a minimal effort and that is one of the reasons why you should pick Pentaho, but there are more!

It offers graphical support to make data pipeline creation easier. There are sufficient pre-built components to extract and blend data from various sources including enterprise applications, big data stores, and relational sources. Moreover, automated arrangements to help transformations and the ability to visualize the data on the fly is another one of its stand out features. Also, it assists in managing workflow and in the betterment of job execution.

Pentaho offers highly developed Big Data Integration with visual tools eliminating the need to write scripts yourself. Accelerated access to big data stores and robust support for Spark, NoSQL data stores, Analytic Databases, and Hadoop distributions makes sure that the use of Pentaho is not limited in scope.

Bottom Line

To sum up, Pentaho is a state of the art technology that will make SugarCRM data migration easy irrespective of the amount of data, source and destination software.

Are you planning to make a shift to the latest technology but facing the issue of data migration? How about you let us help you with a safe and secure migration of data?

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