How Secure Is Cloud CRM?

How secure is Cloud CRM


Businesses often have apprehensions when it comes to moving towards Cloud CRM. Red flags are raised when businesses decide to store all their customer data on the Cloud. Their concerns regarding the security of Cloud CRM are understandable considering that there is always an element of risk involved when it comes to the internet.

In comparison to in-house data centers, Cloud CRM does provide a higher level of data security. This is especially true for smaller businesses that do not have sufficient resources to maintain their security levels at in-house data centers and, hence, often fall victim to cyber-attacks. By opting for Cloud CRM, they can ensure that their data is in good hands as Cloud CRM tend to employ the latest security technology.

Furthermore, when using Cloud CRM, businesses will be taking advantage of the data encryption method. This method requires all information that is being entered into the system to be encrypted with a classified pair of keys before it gets stored in the Cloud servers. Thus, if an intruder attempts to access the data in the Cloud CRM, no actual information can be obtained without the classified pair of keys. Businesses are encouraged to change the pair of keys on a regular basis in order to keep their data secure.

Moreover, the Cloud offers protection to its end users and allows a business to customize user roles, session timeouts, permission to access and much more. CRM customization, for instance, can help to ensure that confidential data is only accessed by authorized personnel. As a result, a multi-tier strategy is being used for maintaining the security of data stored on Cloud CRM.

Thus, concerns regarding the security of the Cloud are rather exaggerated and businesses have nothing to worry about.

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