How secure Sugar is for your data?


Did you know how many organizations last year suffered due to cyber security breaches? According to the Office of National Statistics, there were 5.1 million incidents of fraud and 2.5 million cases of computer crime in 2015 alone. This is why companies today are careful of who has access to their data.   

     From the Sony Pictures Entertainment fiasco to the recent VTech hack, cyber security issues prove that failure to secure customer data can put you in hot water. As the world becomes more connected and accessible, it is the responsibility of CRM vendors to secure all data entrusted to them.

Who’s in the Spotlight? 

     With critical data stored inside a CRM, companies are right to demand stringent standards of data protection. In fact, it has come to a point that most businesses now only pool resources with those CRM vendors who provide comprehensive security. This puts CRM vendors in the spotlight to provide complete security to their customers.

The Solution – Sugar 

     When it comes to cyber security and data privacy, Sugar takes a holistic, layered and systematic approach in safeguarding their crucial customer data. It provides the option to deploy the solution on site, as well as in hosted and hybrid configurations. This is to meet a range of security and regulatory requirements for their customers.

     Moreover, deploying Sugar via the SaaS model means multiple layers of protection and security for its customers. The data centers of Sugar are protected by powerful physical security mechanisms such as 24/7 secured access with motion sensors, video surveillance, and security breach alarms. The security infrastructure of Sugar CRM includes a firewalled network, robust encryption and sophisticated user authentication layers.

     Technology, without a doubt, has made things easier, however, the flip side remains its vulnerability. Cyber security risks and threats is just one of those areas. Sugar with its 360 degree protection keeps data secure and customer confidence intact.

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