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Did you know how Program Productions, an Illinois based organization specializing in live events, successfully recovered 6,000 staff hours in 2015? And how they also saved 50% of their time on menial tasks such as data entry?

Smart organizations, like Program Productions, have been able to extract more from their existing resources. The secret to their success is not some brilliant ‘out of the box’ idea but just some good old fashioned surgical tweaking and customization of workflow and business processes.

This isn’t the first time rapidly evolving organizations such as Program Productions, who regularly invest in innovative IT solutions, have aimed for a systematic approach to improving their business processes. Businesses all over the world are now waking up to the reality of a landscape that has virtually no space for ‘waste’.

The Big Picture

Without clear and well-defined business work flows, organizations are destined to become inefficient. This is why CRM is used to improve the efficiency of business workflows and processes. CRM allows businesses a bird’s-eye view of their staff to easily monitor their activities, tasks, strategies and performances.

CRM also enables businesses to put all of the required data in one place which can be accessed by everyone, whether it is marketing, sales or support staff. With CRM best practices, the improved visibility of customer information leads to better decisions which in turn results in growth and productivity.

Business Done Right

After implementing Sugar, Puente experienced a reduction in their sales cycle by 33%. “We see the entire customer journey, from lead to conversion to customer to close.” says the CIO of Puente Diego Yatchesen, a leading Latin American Investment Bank and Brokerage Firm. It provides access to centralized data common to most sales, marketing, and customer support services.

With Sugar, you can create a two-way loop between sales and marketing. This not only streamlines the flow of information between different teams but it also leads to the efficient management of the customer base. With Sugar, businesses can do the following:

  • Track Lead Conversions per Month
  • Stay on top with Marketing Campaign reports
  • Track Email Open Rate
  • Keep an eye on Customer Segmentation charts
  • Track productivity with Customer Service Tickets & Close rate
  • Customize Calendar to optimize their daily schedule.

This is how Sugar takes the hassle out of using various applications for tracking sales forecast and marketing campaigns. In short, it can help you do business the way it should be done – smarter and faster. This goes for a wide range of industries as CRM for Sports, Retail, Hotels, Restaurants and Real Estate, etc has proved to be a game-changer.

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