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What is Software as a Service SaaS

“Softwares as a Service (SaaS) and how this model has revolutionized the way software is developed and consumed”

Softwares as a Service, abbreviated by SaaS, is simply a method of software delivery where access is granted to a software and its functions via a web-based service. SaaS has gained popularity as a delivery model for several business applications and numerous enterprise software companies have incorporated it in their strategies. Occasionally, it is also referred to as on-demand software or hosted software. Some common examples of SaaS include CRM software such as Salesforce and SugarCRM.

The introduction of this product  as a delivery model brought about a revolution in the way software is now developed and consumed.

Firstly, the customers of this product do not have to deal with any kind of hardware as they can simply access it through the internet. As a result, the effort which was previously invested in buying, installing and updating hardwares, is no longer required.

Secondly, SaaS is a highly dependable and protected delivery model. It is able to serve customers on a large scale as the code base is managed centrally and the framework is similar. This further allows the vendor clients of SaaS to save time in terms of development since the outdated versions of the code do not need to be maintained.

Moreover, one the reasons behind this product rise to popularity among enterprise software companies is the ease with which applications can be customized in order to adjust according to the processes of a particular organization. Traditionally, it would take weeks or even months to upgrade business softwares but with the introduction of SaaS, the upgrades are done faster while simultaneously ensuring the preservation of the customizations.

However, there is an issue of the fragmentation  provider space due to which the next step that organizations are taking is to develop the SaaS Integration Platform (SIP). This will allow customers access to multiple SaaS applications through a common platform which will further revolutionize the consumption of software.

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