SugarCRM User Guide: Video Tutorials for beginners to help you get started


No matter how simple and user friendly a software is, you find it to be difficult and confusing at first. While SugarCRM is one of the most convenient and user friendly CRM solutions present today, as a beginner you need a little support to get started. I have compiled here the SugarCRM user guide video tutorials which will guide you through the basics of SugarCRM and help you become a SugarCRM expert within no time.

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Before you begin, let me remind you that SugarCRM is one of the fastest growing CRM solutions there are. Why? Because, you can customize SugarCRM easily, make it your own personal customer relations manager and optimize your daily CRM user experience. This allows you to save time, work efficiently and improve overall customer experience. All in all, it creates a perfect fit between your workflows and helps give your clients a remarkable customer experience.

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Now let’s come back to the tutorial videos

SugarCRM User Guide: Tutorial Video 1

 Logging in and Languages

SugarCRM User Guide: Tutorial Video 2



SugarCRM User Guide: Tutorial Video 3


SugarCRM User Guide: Tutorial Video 4

System Links


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