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(Updated on July 2021) 

[There are many Cloud Telephony Integrations (CTIs) that are supported with SugarCRM. Some of them include Cisco, Elastix, and Mitel, other than Twilio and Asterisk. These integrations create a more efficient workflow and provide greater visibility. This results in happier customers.] 

The concept of telemarketing is on hype in every business model. It is an interactive mode of communication. We are all familiar with the tendency of telemarketing to gauge a customer’s interest level on an immediate basis. It can create an instant rapport with the customer. Hence, the demand for incorporating a nice institutional telephony software. An awe-inspiring business strategy i.e. SugarCRM system is prevailing like fire in the forest. For your convenience, we have listed two top-notch telephony integrations that fit well with the SugarCRM instances here. Get a peek at both the options and pick the selection that works comfortably with your unique business demands. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


Twilio is a dynamic telephony solution that is often regarded as an “Internet telephony platform in the cloud”. Seamless integration of Twilio with SugarCRM provides the basic installation to create inbound and outbound calls using CRM system and it supports multiple channels including web, desktop, and mobile applications.  It is a perfect solution that empowers global connectivity via API and enables control over the advanced calls within your SugarCRM system. Taking away the traditional barriers of creating an effective communication experience, Twilio offers many value-added features such as audio recording, cloud IVR audio playback, alerts and notifications, text-to-speech, MSM, automatic creation of call notes, task routing, short codes, IVR facility, feedback API, predictive dialers, call queues, and call conferencing etc. Altogether these Twilio features collectively make it a powerhouse of communication that liberates its users to record their very own contact number as Twilio resource number. Using Twilio integration into your SugarCRM system, you can automate multiple sales and marketing campaigns to send bulk SMSs.

The solution best caters to the need for instant scaling, cost-effective communication, and tractability to make the most of CRM for Call Centers. If the features explained above fulfill your demand, you should choose this solution as it can be configured with your SugarCRM efficiently and well.


Another great option for telephonic integration with SugarCRM is Asterisk. Asterisk is a free, open-source framework that helps the user to produce, receive, analyze and record your calls, SMS, MMS, and other communication information from within the Sugar interface. Providing incredible follow-up features, asterisk integration produces automatic call notes, and inserting generic follow-up notes automatically creates a new task in SugarCRM. Automatic call logging and data synchronization in SugarCRM are the two additives of this integration that alleviates the task of managing updated data and automates information sync. Any call made through asterisk integration is automatically registered in SugarCRM and attached to the history of the corresponding contact, lead or account no matter the user is not logged in or not. Furthermore, the complete interaction history for each customer record can be downloaded as a file from SugarCRM.

Asterisk and CRM integration is being applied worldwide and is fully supported for all SugarCRM editions, including Community, Professional, Enterprise, Corporate and Ultimate. It can certainly be a proper fit for your SugarCRM because of its commendable features and soft integration.

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