Why a Customized CRM is better for you?


As more businesses move towards CRM, the question of flexible solutions often comes into play. In fact, a majority of CRM experts believe that every successful implementation of CRM is a customized CRM in one way or the other.

No matter how much you save with off-the-shelf or out-of-the-box solutions, a CRM should fit your business – not the other way around. These solutions may look attractive at first, and you may even be able to visualize the value they will bring to your business, but there is no point of having a CRM if it is not tailored for your business.

Simply put: If you have a unique business with requirements to match, you need a CRM solution that is equally unique and effective. As no two businesses are alike, and as your business processes are unique as well, it only makes sense to invest in a CRM solution that is customized to meet your business needs.

Today’s CRM systems, such as Sugar, offer a high degree of customization to track and manage all kinds of relationships a business have with their customers, suppliers and vendors. Instead of having to adjust to a rigid solution, modern CRM provides a customizable solution which aligns itself with the business needs and requirements.

A Customizable CRM Platform

SugarCRM aims to provide businesses with a highly customized CRM platform that allows them to create and support relationships with their customers.

The endless flexibility in Sugar’s capabilities allows users to create powerful business processes quickly and easily. For example, users can define teams, control access rights to particular modules and fields, change the homepage layout or modify existing screens with the layout editor, and create new dashlets from third-party data sources. They can also customize reports, modules and sub-panels to align Sugar with their specific business functions.

With most of the CRMs, you can customize how you enter in contacts or projects by adding your own data fields. But with Sugar, however, you can go far beyond and edit the complete software itself to suit your business. It enables you to make simple customizations like creating custom fields within any given module, or changing access levels for different employees based on their role.

By providing a simple and powerful customized CRM solution, SugarCRM enables businesses to match the diverse nature of the businesses. This does not only configure the way information is presented in Sugar, but also results in higher level of productivity and efficiency.

When your business implements a CRM, it can only be successful if it suits your business needs. As it manages the demands of a business, SugarCRM must be aligned with the needs and requirements of a business. Otherwise, the full potential of CRM will not be realized for your business, and this is made all the more simple not only through SugarCRM’s easy customizability but also through the countless SugarCRM integrations that you can get as well as the wide range of SugarCRM plug-ins available for you to get ready-to-download functionality in your CRM.

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