X2CRM – CRM for All Businesses


When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, they still have a lot going for them: they’re often complex and expensive, can only be modified if you have an open-source-savvy IT staff, and if you lack that staff you have to find or rely on developers which come at a cost.

As CRM is becoming more and more complex, creating and maintaining relationships with customers has become a challenge for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs). However, thousands around the world are now moving to open source CRMs.

The availability of open-source CRMs at no cost enables SMBs to get essential business functions and tools without paying for them. While Sugar was arguably the most popular open-source CRM software, it is no longer available as open-source for the world as it has become commercial.

No Business Left Behind

In order to bridge the gap of Sugar in open source community, X2Engine reinvented X2CRM to provide an open, modern and more effective alternative to the unnecessarily complex CRM systems that are available in the market right.

As a result, businesses can leverage on an open-source CRM to leverage on essential business functionalities such as market automation, process management and much more. X2CRM enables users to create powerful business processes quickly and easily. This maximizes the effectiveness of their Marketing, Sales and Service teams in one complete CRMs system for all businesses.

In addition, X2Engine provides a variety of value-added service and support offerings that help ensure project and operational success, as well as reduce deployment time and risk.

Open Source Shines Brighter

Aiming to be compact and easy to use, X2CRM is centered on two key objects of customer relationships: Contacts and Actions. It successfully condensed the core features of today’s complex and commercial CRMs systems into two high-performance modules, resulting in a powerful and flexible CRMs application.

As X2CRM is meant to be open-source, businesses have access to the source code and can transform it into whatever they want it to be. This means that every user can modify or adapt it to suit the unique business requirements. Unlike commercial CRMs software, businesses can use it for as long as they need to and can quit using it at any time they want.

Open-source CRMs, like X2Engine, are for businesses that want to test-drive software before they invest in it. As a result, businesses can make ‘informed’ decisions on whether they want to make changes to the CRM or not. As X2CRM is easily customizable, businesses can easily tailor it to suit their business needs and requirements.

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