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As you know, SugarCRM is all about making your work faster and easier, it offers unlimited keyboard shortcuts that place everything on your fingertips. It enables Sugar users to quickly perform certain important tasks with keyboard shortcuts which increase their productivity and efficiency. How would you like to increase yours?

To see what multiple keyboard strokes are available in SugarCRM, move to the bar at the bottom of your SugarCRM screen and click “shortcuts”. This opens up a complete list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to do various tasks with minimal effort. This is how it would look like

Sugar keyboard shortcuts

However, it’s important to note that these instant shortcuts vary depending on the module you are currently using. For example, record module shortcuts might diverge from the list module shortcuts of SugarCRM. Just make sure to check out available shortcuts in various views, such as list view, record view, and dashboards of SugarCRM.

Here are some of the keyboard tricks that will allow you to do common tasks at lightning speed in SugarCRM.

Global Shortcut Keys                    

These global keyboard shortcuts can be used anywhere in Sugar CRM to perform the following actions:

[C] Open Quick Create Menu to create new Leads, Accounts etc.

[S] Access the Global Search field to quickly enter a new search

[T] Switch the side intelligence panel on/off

Record View Shortcut Keys

The record view shortcuts can be used to perform the following actions in the record view screen of Sugar CRM:

[CRTL+ALT + I] or [E] Edit the record

[CRTL+ALT+D] or [D] Delete the record

[CRTL+S] Save the record

[M] Open the record’s action dropdown menu

List View Shortcut Keys

The list view shortcuts can be used to perform the following actions in the list view screen of Sugar:

[CTRL+S] Save a record

[A] Create new record

[E] Edit the record selected in list view

[M] Open the selected record’s action dropdown menu

[F+A] Mark selected record as a favorite

[F+C] Create a new list view filter

[F+E] Edit custom list view filter

In the fast-moving world of information technology, there’s always room for making your work faster and more convenient. By using these SugarCRM tips and tricks, you can keep your fingers at the right spot on your keyboard and thus make your use of SugarCRM even more effective in getting the job done as quickly as possible.

What other SugarCRM shortcuts have enabled you to work faster?

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