What’s new in SugarCRM 7.7?

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What you have been looking for is finally here! Yes, the latest and the sweetest version of Sugar is here now. SugarCRM has come up with Sugar 7.7 which is now available for all commercial editions.

The previous versions including 7.6.x, 7.5.x, 6.7.x, and 6.5 can now be easily updated to version 7.7. Those of you running MySQL, DB2, Oracle, or MSSQL stack can easily upgrade to Sugar 7.7 without a moment’s hesitation. This way you can make use of the most user-friendly interface and most exciting updates. Come and take a look at the following new features and updates and see for yourself how much sweeter it makes your Sugar.

Lead Conversion

One of the key features introduced in 7.7 is a very convenient way to convert your leads with a single click.

How to do this? (For End Users)

  • Just simply go to the Leads record view and click the unconverted button
  • Go to the Leads sub-panel actions menu and press the convert option.

For your further convenience, now the records will be automatically associated with the lead if no duplicate record is found.

How to do this? (For Administrators)

  • Now, administrators can simply select the leads conversion option from Admin > System Settings to handle the record activity during conversion.

The New Interface

In the Sub-panels and List Views, the following changes are available

  • Multiple users can now be selected when creating search filters
  • The total count of records is now available in Module, Sub-panel and Select list views.
  • To link records via Contacts sub-panel in the Cases record view, automatic filtering will be done on the Search and Add Contacts drawer to only show the records associated to the parent account of the specific case.
  • User selection lists can now be sorted by both last names and first names; which was previously done by usernames.

Moreover, in the browser tab, the SugarCRM cube icon now displays the same number as the notification count box

 Performance, Platform and Security

  • Security Updates
    • Password encryption has now been strengthened to enhance Sugar’s security
    • SimpleSAMLphp library 6.1 is now supported in Sugar.
    • Now you can simply avoid pop up blockers from disallowing single sign-on by enabling the “Load login screen in same window to avoid pop-up blocking” option by going to Admin > Password Management to load the SAML login scree
  • Platform Upgrades
    • As mentioned above, now upgrades are supported on database stacks including MySQL, DB2, Oracle, MSSQL.
    • PHPMailer is now being installed by composer and has upgraded version 5.2.9.
  • Record view Layout is now modified to act faster as multiple drop-down fields and values exist in the layout.

Other Most Useful Features and Updates

  • Portal: Knowledge Base dashlet and Sugar logic is now available on the portal
  • Forecasts: The commit history of the forecast module now displays a timestamp
  • Tagging: Tags field is now available in Sidecar Modules where sharing and creation of tags can be done to identify records in filters, dashlets and reports.
  • Quotes: The Quote (bill to & ship to) requirements are now available in the Accounts and Contacts record view.
  • Reporting: Grouping of Summation Report, Summation Report with Details, and Matrix Report can be done now for date and Datetime fields.
  • D&B: The Contact Type field (as a filter criteria), The D&B Usage Meter dashlet (as a filter criteria), and The GU DUNS field (as a filter criteria), are now available.
  • Workflow: The process email templates now are embedded with interrelated record URLs
  • Language: Sugar now has traditional Chinese Language for Chinese users.
  • Email: Recipients can now be dragged and dropped across the To, CC, and BCC in the Sidecar Module and the BCC option is now available in Email Module.

Needless to say, SugarCRM is all about making your job easier and more productive. What are you waiting for? Upgrade to Sugar 7.7 for all the fascinating new features and updates.

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