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Your SuiteCRM should speak to your business in a way that maximizes your potential and improves your productivity. A SuiteCRM Customization goes a long way in achieving this with its plethora of additional features and functionalities on display. Tailor your SuiteCRM to your exact business needs with custom modules, workflows, dashboard, and fields. Using SuiteCRM Customization, you can ensure your team feels right at home when they move on to SuiteCRM, ensuring good adoption and retention rates for your business.

SuiteCRM Customization

An out of the box CRM solution can’t possible cope with the highly competitive and ever changing business landscape. Every business has unique needs and evolving processes which need to be effectively accounted for and mapped onto your SuiteCRM system to achieve maximum productivity in all your business functions. Whether its Sales, Marketing or Support, customizing your CRM allows you to best equip it to handle anything thrown at it.

Our SuiteCRM developers have crafted custom modules for businesses from all walks of life while taking into consideration, the relationships between their unique business entities and workflows.

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SuiteCRM Custom Dashboards

Our custom dashboards are designed to give you useful insights into crucial tasks and provide a truly all encompassing view of your daily activities from the convenience of your homepage. We have developed a wide variety of custom dashboards for our customers in the past. These have been tailored specifically for various industry verticals, business roles and individual needs. For example, a sales dashboard would give a salesperson an overview of the sales targets, scheduled meetings and lead status while a manager’s dashboard may provide a bird’s eye view of all the Sales, Marketing and Support activities.

SuiteCRM Custom Fields

The default fields in your SuiteCRM modules often get the job done but what if you wanted to store more data for a given record, automate manual entry or simply for your data to be presented in a manner that an out of the box SuiteCRM can’t even comprehend? You will never have to settle for stock fields ever again. Some of the common custom field requests we get include:

  • Additional fields appear if you enter a particular value in a default field.
  • Auto population of several fields to reduce the burden of data entry.
  • Custom checks to ensure that valid information is entered in the field.
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SuiteCRM Custom Workflows

Custom workflows in SuiteCRM enable you to automate routine tasks and reduce manual effort by breaking these into simple sequential steps. A very simple example of this automation is triggering an email to a sales rep when a lead status is changed. You may configure several of these workflow automation but the configuration itself gets quite tricky if your organization has diverse processes.

Our SuiteCRM Team has provided fully customized SuiteCRM workflow solutions to several different industry verticals. Using our custom solutions, our clients have been able to save a lot of time and streamlines their unique business processes, yielding high productivity and growth.

SuiteCRM Custom Theme

An out of the box CRM can never perfectly embody your company’s image. Having a custom SuiteCRM theme in place goes a long way. By making your CRM more intuitive, familiar and visually appealing, a custom theme helps drive user adoption and positively impacts the productivity and efficiency of your employees. With the right tweaks, your CRM can perfectly capture your brand’s vision and mission, while emulating the industry vertical your company operates in. Leveraging SuiteCRM’s open source nature, our experts can completely modify the design, structure and format of its theme as per your unique needs and requirements. It doesn’t matter if it’s your login page, dashlet, dashboard, list view, detail view, record view or anything else, you can get anything and everything customized in SuiteCRM.

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Why choose Rolustech?

Rolustech provides the opportunity to get your SuiteCRM customized as per your precise business requirements by evaluating your business needs and customizing SuiteCRM to ensure that you get the best out of it. From developing new functionalities and customizing Suite user interface to creating custom workflows and objects, we take care of everything so that you can focus on what’s important for you: conducting your business operations without any unwanted hassle. Our experienced consultants and developers work closely with our clients to bring them the best of SuiteCRM.