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Automate processes and schedule triggers with SuiteCRM Workflows to keep yourself up to date on everything regarding your business. Leveraging our extensive experience on the SuiteCRM platform, we can create any custom SuiteCRM workflow that suits your business needs and requirements.



Your business is unique and requires unique workflows. SuiteCRM’s default workflows offer limited functionalities and can be quite ineffective when it comes to achieving complex operations in SuiteCRM. Furthermore, there are certain customizations which are simply not possible using the SuiteCRM default workflows but can be implemented through custom coding. Our SuiteCRM experts have developed many such workflow implementations for our clients from various backgrounds.

suitecrm workflows
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SuiteCRM Custom Workflow Implementations

Custom workflows that we have implemented for our clients in the past include:

  • Time based scheduled triggers
  • Sending information to records (via SMS or Email) after record update
  • Bi-directional record synching with third party software
  • Email alert to SuiteCRM admin on duplicate record creation
  • Automatic event creation on SuiteCRM Calendar when appointments/tasks/meetings are associated with records
  • Automatically moving records to the next step (in the user defined business process) on Status update
  • Automatic task logging

Why choose Rolustech?

Rolustech has worked on over 500 CRM implementations from wide-ranging industry verticals in the past 10 years and has over 100 SuiteCRM experts who can achieve any complex business requirement through custom coding in SuiteCRM. No matter how complex or unique your business workflows might be, we have the expertise to deliver the perfect SuiteCRM solution for your business.

Schedule a call with us today to discuss your business needs with our SuiteCRM experts.

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