Chapter 4: SugarCRM Integrations


With the world evolving at a robust speed, it is fairly counterproductive for you to be switching between multiple platforms for different tasks. You want all your important processes and needs consolidated in one place, and that’s where a SugarCRM proves its worth in gold. With its open-source nature, SugarCRM can readily integrate with any third-party platform that you require for your business and you can then manage all your operations from within SugarCRM. This is where Sugar really shines with its open architecture, using which virtually any software can be integrated with it.
Why Integrate with Sugar?
By integrating your third-party apps with SugarCRM, you can amplify its capabilities and get a full 360-degree view of your business processes. Let’s take a closer look:
  • Increased Functionality: Your team gets advanced features that don’t come out of the box with Sugar e.g. making calls from Sugar, sending documents for e-signature inside Sugar, etc.
  • More Productivity: By consolidating your processes on one platform, you can maximize your productivity.
  • Data Sharing: You can consolidate your data for meaningful analysis and insights
  • A Full 360 Degree View: With data from multiple channels in sync, you can better analyze your business and make decisions that are accurate and based on factual information.
Integrations with Accounting Apps
You can integrate your Sugar with numerous accounting apps including the top of the line applications such as Quickbooks and Xero. With this integration, your Sugar can bi-directionally synchronize with these apps and automatically update information on both ends in real time. Through this simple integration, you can manage all your accounting needs from within Sugar. Some of the integrations we have done in this area include:
Integrations with Payment Gateways
Timely payments are at the heart of every successful business. But things can get quite tricky and slow if you’ve got multiple online channels handling your payments, and the worst part is that there’s really no other option given the increasing popularity of e-commerce. Well, to help simplify your payment handling processes, you can integrate your payment gateways with Sugar and manage all your payments from one place.
Integrations with Telephony systems
One of the most essential CRM functions is to record client interactions and maintain a single database for future reference. This database can be accessed to make informed decisions and track all your inbound and outbound calls from within your Sugar. You can achieve all of the above with a simple click-to-call feature in your Sugar with integrations such as:
  • SugarCRM Integration with Audion
  • SugarCRM Integration with RingCentral
  • SugarCRM Integration with Interactive
  • SugarCRM Integration with TrueCaller
  • SugarCRM Integration with CallSource
  • SugarCRM Integration with Skype
  • SugarCRM Integration with Act-on
  • SugarCRM Integration Etrigue
  • SugarCRM Integration Net-Effect
  • SugarCRM Integration with Mautic
  • SugarCRM Integration MailChimp
  • SugarCRM Integration with Inbox25
Integrations with Marketing Automation Platforms
CRMs are undoubtedly the most innovative technology when it comes to Sales, but the same can seldom be said when it comes to Marketing due to their substandard approach towards delivering qualified leads. However, this is where Marketing Automation comes in handy. With its personalized, stage-appropriate nurturing approach, integrating your Sugar with a Marketing Automation platform is literally all you need to get those leads flowing. Managing marketing campaigns in SugarCRM is a breeze and that is why Rolustech provides Sugar integrations with several Marketing Automation tools.

Integrations with Social Media

Integrations with Social Media

Social Media is a mainstay of any sales strategy because it gives your sales team an in-depth look at what does and doesn’t work for your customer base. Rolustech SugarCRM developers have integrated Sugar with the following Social Media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
Integrations with E-Signature Apps

Choosing a document from Sugar and sending it to a customer to get signed from a different application window is highly unproductive. Sugar can easily integrate with numerous e-signature platforms that bring the e-signature functionality inside Sugar. Some e-signature platforms which we have integrated with Sugar include:

  • SugarCRM Integrations with DocuSign
  • SugarCRM Integrations with Adobe Sign
  • SugarCRM Integrations with E-Signature Apps
Integrations with Google Apps

If you use Gmail and related Google apps, it is essential to use an integration that syncs data between both platforms so you can access all of the updated information pertaining to your business processes in a single place. SugarCRM Integration with Google can take the following forms:

Integrations with Content Management Applications
  • SugarCRM Integrations with Box
  • SugarCRM Integrations with Rackspace
  • SugarCRM Integrations with Alfresco
Integrations with Email Clients

Email clients help businesses manage client correspondences in an efficient and timely manner. By integrating your Sugar with an email client, you can record all email communications inside the CRM. This allows CRM users easy access to find all relevant information. We have integrated Sugar with:

  • Gmail
  • RIVA
  • MS Outlook
Integrations with Ecommerce Platforms

Running an e-commerce business without a robust CRM working on the back-end is difficult. With a CRM in place, you can record sales, transactions, provide post-sales service and manage finances. The e-commerce platforms that we have integrated with Sugar include:

Integrations with CMS

Most companies prefer their own client support solutions and this is where a Sugar integration with a CMS comes in handy. You can have all the information you need in one place with this integration. Moreover, this way customer support representatives also have access to a complete profile of the clients who contact them. Some of these solutions integrated with Sugar include:

Integrations with Data Analytics

Each day more than 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data is being created, which is why smart businesses are increasingly shifting their focus on the useful insights hidden in the heaps of data. Using an integration with your SugarCRM, the data can prove to be extremely useful. We have integrated Sugar with:

  • FluidSurveys integrations with Sugar
  • Google Developer Charts integrations with Sugar
  • Informatica integrations with Sugar