Joomla Integration for Sugar

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What is Joomla?

Joomla is an award-winning content management system that lets you build websites and online applications. A content management system (CMS) is basically a software that keeps track of every content (simple text, photos, video, music, etc.) on your website. It functions very much like a public library that keeps track of all the books and stores them. The main advantage of using a content management system is that it requires almost no technical skill or expertise. You really don’t have to do much, the CMS does all the heavy lifting.

Why Joomla?

With a 9% share in the CMS market, Joomla is one of the most popular systems available today. It packs extensive features which enable you to build, organize, manage and publish content for websites, blogs, intranets, and mobile applications seamlessly and smoothly.

Some of its core features are:


Joomla surprisingly offers over 65 languages.

Superior Developer Support

Joomla’s community is filled with world-class developers and business consultants who freely and actively help in forums.

Easy Updates

Joomla offers one-click version updates making the whole update process super easy.

Integrated Help System

Joomla has an in-app contextual help system in order to help even the most novice of users operate their Joomla.

Why Integrate Sugar with Joomla?

Integrating Sugar and Joomla opens up a wide range of marketing and communication opportunities which will surely help boost your business. Let me briefly tell you about some of the major advantages of integrating Sugar with Joomla with regards to business process automation, marketing strategies implementation and communication flow streaming.

Web-To-Lead Form

joomla sugarcrm integration

With the Joomla website, you can easily create leads and opportunities by developing a user form on the website. Whenever a user is prompted to fill the form, data from the fields go straight to Sugar Leads, Contacts and Opportunities modules which can then be analyzed and acted upon by Sugar users.

Advanced Insights

joomla sugarcrm integration

You can get access to advanced customer data with behavioral information and other actionable analytics by integrating Sugar and Joomla. You can also view information such as which pages generate more interest among visitors.

Customized Form Designs

joomla sugarcrm integration

With Sugar and Joomla integration, you do not have to rely on developers indefinitely to create new forms. The highly customizable nature of Joomla and Sugar allows you to create new forms with customized layouts, fields and functionalities.

User Specific Access

joomla sugarcrm integration

By integrating Sugar and Joomla, you can ensure that only assigned users are equipped to influence changes on your Joomla site via Sugar.

Upgrade-Safe Features

joomla integration for sugarcrm

It is important for both the software ends to ensure that the integration is upgrade-safe to avoid any bugs. Luckily, both Joomla and Sugar allow for the development of easily upgradable features.

Our Expertise

Over the past decade, we have developed several SugarCRM Integrations to satisfy the demands and needs of our customers. Delivering the perfect solution to our customers is what we aim for and customer satisfaction is our top priority.
For better insight, let me tell you about one of our recent Joomla Integration Projects.

The Task at Hand

One of our clients from the Health Care department asked us to extensively develop and integrate Joomla with SugarCRM. The client basically wanted to display information on dental practices across Australia and New Zealand on a front end based on the Joomla core.

Dental Community

joomla integration for sugarcrm

The ‘Dental Community’ project involved extensive Joomla and SugarCRM development and several Joomla based websites were integrated with Sugar. The entire Joomla core was customized and specific modules and plugins were developed and integrated into Sugar. The integration allowed the client to pull out practices, dental clinics and dentist information from SugarCRM and display all of this on a front end built in Joomla. Dentists could now login using their accounts, manage their information and even subscribe to publications. Users, on the other hand, could search and find the location of nearby dentists according to their budget, needs, and preferences.

Key Takeaway

We have given you a glimpse of all the benefits that you can reap from the integration of Joomla with your Sugar. The integration of your Sugar with Joomla will give you the opportunity to market your business in a much more effective way and make communications easier and efficient than ever before. Therefore, if you hope to getter better insights into your customers while improving customer experiences at the same time, Joomla integration with your SugarCRM instance is one method of doing that.

Get in touch today for a Free SugarCRM Consultation and integrate your Sugar with Joomla. What’s the hold-up?