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Uploadify is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily add multiple file upload functionality to your website. It comes in both HTML 5 and flash versions and uses a mixture of Javascript, ActionScript, and any server-side language to dynamically create an instance over any DOM element on a page. It grants you the flexibility to choose the right implementation for your site and fallback methods that make it degrade gracefully.

SugarCRM Integration with Uploadify

An out of the box Sugar solution lets you add file upload fields to only some of the modules and default fields can only handle one file upload at a given time. Custom fields can help you get around this but Uploadify promises to take your uploading experience to a whole new level. Besides allowing you to upload files directly from Sugar, here are some other advantages of Uploadify integration with Sugar.

Key Benefits

1. Upload multiple files with ease

The best part about Uploadify is that it grants you the ability to reliably upload several files without the hassle of clicking different browser buttons or submitting multiple forms.

2. Simply drag and drop

The HTML5 version of Uploadify lets you to drag and drop multiple files to instantly add them to the upload queue, streamlining the whole affair.

3. View upload progress in real-time

Intuitive progress bars show the current upload progress in real-time so uploaders don’t have to second guess how long file uploads are going to take.

4. Complete control over what gets uploaded

Uploadify lets you decide what and how much data gets uploaded onto your servers. You can set file size limits, file count limits, file type limits, and simultaneous upload limits with great ease to ensure your servers are secure and are free from abuse.

5. Extensive customization options

Nearly every aspect of Uploadify is fully customizable. You have the freedom to create an uploader that does exactly what you want and looks how you want it to!

The Bottom Line!

SugarCRM integration with Uploadify makes it possible to simultaneously upload multiple files from the comfort of your Sugar. Not only is this totally hassle-free but there is also no learning curve involved as you are offered a very familiar user experience. Uploadify is a deeply customizable tool that can be completely molded according to your needs and preferences. With this SugarCRM integration, you can not only streamline processes that require a lot of paperwork but also make enable users to work on-the-go if you choose to use Mobile CRM.

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