View Sync History

Track your
sync history with integrated QuickBooks logs
in Sugar.


Sync On-Demand

A feature that
allows you to sync a record immediately
to QuickBooks


Information Accessibility

Sync QuickBooks customers and Sugar Accounts bidirectionally and keep the two forums updated.

About RT QuickBooks

Sugar plugin that simplifies your accounting and management needs by integrating

Sugar & QuickBooks

Seamlessly integrate QuickBooks into your inventory management system to effortlessly generate invoices, manage inventory, and track sales data from your SugarCrm. With QuickBooks integration, you can easily log in and access your financial data directly from your Sugar system. Enhance your inventory management and streamline your workflow with QuickBooks integration into your Sugar system.



View Sync History

Track your sync history with your integrated logs.  Resolve conflicts with the help of error messages found in the QuickBooks log file and track sync status messages.

Sync On-Demand

A feature that allows you to sync a record immediately to QuickBooks whenever you want to. This relieves you of the wait process that the scheduler makes you go through. The Immediate sync can be done at record and module levels.

Priority configuration for conflict resolution

Set priority configuration in case of double data entry. Designate either Sugar or QuickBooks as a parent station. If your data has been changed at both ends; the information available on parent station will override the information present at the other end.

Bidirectional Customers Syncing

Save time on repetitive data entry. Sync existing and new customers in QuickBooks and Sugar at the same time with RT QuickBooks Sync. The plugin automatically syncs QuickBooks customers and Sugar Accounts bidirectionally and keeps the two forums updated.

Limited synchronization of Tax Classes and Tax Rates

This plugin handles taxation and codes in QuickBooks Online. The user can categorize transactions using classes and add tax value to manage tax payments. Tax deductions are calculated and payment dues are tracked from within Sugar.

Assign Teams for the sync processes

You can configure as to which teams should the records be assigned to , when those records sync in from QuickBooks to Sugar. You can assign either Global or custom teams to the synced records.

Customized synchronization scheduling

Take full control of your data syncing process with the customizable scheduling feature of the QuickBooks integration into your inventory management system. With this feature, you can determine the syncing time that works best for your business needs and decide which data needs to be synced between Sugar and QuickBooks. This integration allows you to prioritize either Sugar or QuickBooks records, providing you with the flexibility to manage your inventory data efficiently.


One-Time Payment


per instance

(30-days trial)


  • License for one production Sugar instance
  • Works with these editions:
    • Professional
  • Works with versions 9.0.0 to 9.0.6

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