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RT QuickBooks – Sugar 9 Release!


  • Sugar 9 Compatibility
  • Compatibility with http Instances


  • Documents module syncing Issue
  • Connect to QuickBooks Button Issue

Known issues:

  • Shipping cost isn’t synced even if we provide it in quotes
  • Syncing a record should sync it’s all associated records e.g Accounts or Products attached in quote should sync automatically when Quote is synced

Special Instructions:

  • If manual syncing popup doesn’t appear, try hard reloading the page or try incognito mode
  • Try to set a reasonable time interval for the scheduled job performing data sync to avoid stacking in the jobs
  • Also when scheduler is running, manual syncing throws an error that “Sync for this module is already running”. Wait for the scheduler to complete its job and then sync again
  • If you have more then 100 records try to rely on scheduler rather performing manual module level sync


  • Compatible from SugarCRM 8.0 to 9.0

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