Chapter 5: SugarCRM Plugins


SugarCRM Plugins are the way to go if complex customizations and grueling integrations are not your cup of tea. Plugins are general plug and play solutions that you can incorporate into your CRM without having to go through the additional steps of defining requirements and then having a solution developed from scratch, which is the case with customizations and integrations. Sugar Plugins have grown in versatility and utility over the years and some have even cemented themselves as almost necessary for normal business processes. The Xero-SugarCRM Plugin is one such utility that is necessary for businesses small and large alike. It syncs accounting data with your Sugar and gives you a consolidated view of customer details inside SugarCRM. It serves as an excellent alternative to customizations and integrations if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix. The SugarCRM Plugin library is immense and you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice when you’re looking for a plugin to add any given functionality within Sugar. Check out all the industry standard plugins developed by Rolustech below or take a look at some of the top-rated SugarCRM Plugins.

RT GSync

RT GSync is a Sugar plugin that integrates SugarCRM with a plethora of Google Apps and provides bidirectional syncing of all Google Data with SugarCRM. RT GSync pours in data from Emails, Calendars, Documents, and Contacts. RT GSync allows you to:

  • Automatically archive emails
  • Sync all extensions between SugarCRM and Google
  • Sync all meetings, tasks, calls, and appointments
rt quickbooks plugins
rt salesmap plugins

RT SalesMap

Give your records a visual makeover with RT SalesMap. This Sugar plugin leverages the power of Google Maps to give you an overview of all your accounts, leads, and contacts from a geographical standpoint. With RT SalesMap, you can:

  • Make use of Google Maps and make the most of its navigation features
  • Use Radial Search to single out priority Accounts, Leads, and Contacts
  • Identify geocoded addresses from non-geocoded addresses in SugarCRM records.

RT Telephony

An integration of Twilio with SugarCRM, RT Telephony enables voice and SMS functionalities to make for more efficient and productive client communications. With RT Telephony, you can:

  • Make use of advanced telephony functionalities inside Sugar with a simple click to call feature
  • Create customized voice responses
  • Keep track of call records and record calls
  • Schedule SMS campaigns
  • Schedule calls and organize schedules to maintain agent availability
rt telephony plugins
rt sugarbox plugins

RT SugarBox

An integration of with SugarCRM. RT SugarBox lets you manage all the virtual paperwork involved in your business operations with a bi-directional synching mechanism, mapping of modules, and real-time updates. With the help of RT SugarBox, you can wave your business problems goodbye. Leverage its functionalities to:

  • Get real-time revised and updated documents in one place
  • Get documents signed from within SugarCRM
  • Find content status updates inside Sugar’s activity stream
  • Store and share PDFs within Sugar with Box
  • Upload documents from within Sugar

RT DocuSign

RT DocuSign adds a whole new level of finesse to business dealings and customer acquisition. Send documents from within Sugar and have them digitally signed by customers on any browser or device within seconds. With RT DocuSign, you can:

  • Send PDF files to entities involved in your business through the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities modules
  • View document status updates inside SugarCRM
  • Define access levels for documents to increase security and privacy.
rt docusign plugins
rt quickbooks plugins 1

RT QuickBooks

RT QuickBooks is another accounting integration for SugarCRM, much like Xero. It lets you access the core functionalities of the popular accounting software, QuickBooks to generate invoices, inventory, and sales reports from your SugarCRM. With RT Quickbooks you can quickly:

  • Sync customers, quotes, invoices, and inventory from Quickbooks with the Sugar Accounts, Quotes, and Items modules.
  • Sync a record to Quickbooks from within SugarCRM
  • Track sync history
  • Define priority roles and assignees for synchronized records.

RT SugarXero

Integrate SugarCRM with Xero with RT SugarXero. Similar to Quickbooks, it gives you complete control over your financial data from within Sugar. You can view invoices, purchase history, customer lifetime value and also:

  • Sync Xero Contacts with SugarCRM Contacts
  • Create and Manage invoices
  • Trigger workflows from sales history
  • Identify consistent customers based on purchase history and employ targeted marketing techniques
  • Combine SugarCRM data with Xero data in reports
rt sugar xero plugins
rt cxm plugins


Integrate SugarCRM with WordPress with RT CXM. It monitors your website in real time and pours all the data into Sugar allowing you to analyze and comprehend visitors in real time. Through RT CXM, you can:

  • Extract valuable customer information
  • Automate lead creation and obtain user data
  • Identify your lead’s social data and interests through the email submitted on your website
  • Track customers’ lifetimes


RT HRM is a SugarCRM plugin that simplifies and manages all human resource responsibilities and processes. With RT HRM, you can monitor recruitment management, evaluations and employee reporting. Leverage the power of RT HRM to:

  • Monitor job postings, openings, applications and shortlisting of candidates
  • Manage payrolls and attendance
  • Monitor employee performance, progress, and evaluations
  • Create performance reports
  • Create pay slips
rt hrm plugins
rt persolanize plugin logo two

RT Personalize

RT Personalize adds a touch of personality to your Sugar. This plugin provides users with the ability to choose personalized typography and themes for their CRM interface and is available with all Sugar versions. You can also get SugarCRM custom login screens and more

RT StikiNotes

RT StikiNotes is a FREE utility Sugar plugin that lets you bring those good old sticky notes inside Sugar. These StikiNotes can be linked with any record and can also be used to put reminders and priority tasks in order; just like regular sticky notes, but only better.

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