Chapter 6: SugarCRM Industry Solutions


Industry Solutions are customized CRM software products that are custom-built for various industry verticals. Rolustech has created a number of Sugar industry solutions that come with all the necessary functionalities, modules, and workflows designed to fit the needs of the industry vertical they are designed to cater to. These solutions serve as excellent alternatives to CRM customizations and integrations due to their ready availability. For instance, if you’re a health care organization, it would make more sense for you to go for a Health Care Industry Solution CRM than get a CRM and spend additional time and resources customizing it to fit your needs. These ready-made solutions containing multiple necessary integrations right out-of-the-box with custom dashboards and reports make for a great option for any business whose operations do not vary too much from what the standard operating procedures within their industry are.

Let’s breakdown the industry solutions developed by Rolustech.

Financial Services CRM

The Financial Services CRM builds upon key financial CRM features to develop a cloud-based platform that is enriched with all necessary functionalities to enhance the productivity of financial service firms. The Financial Services CRM allows firms to leverage these functionalities to gain a holistic view of clients and have access to all of the right information. This industry solution comes with dedicated custom modules for Investors and Prospects as well as detailed dashboards to give investors a complete overview of their investments. Reports are also a mainstay feature in this industry solution, providing clients with the most relevant insights to manage and track their investments. To cap it all off, it also includes email marketing functionality so you can manage all aspects of your business from a single source.

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HealthCare Services CRM

HealthCare Services CRM is a transformative foray into optimizing the operations of a healthcare firm. Our certified SugarCRM developers have worked hard to come up with a solution that caters to the needs of the healthcare industry across each specialized field within it. Building upon the potential CRM benefits for the healthcare industry, this solution pushes the barriers of innovation by introducing dedicated Doctors, Patients, and Staff modules along with a portal that is available to patients for them to track their appointments, medical history, and much more. Custom reports and dashboards complete this powerful industry solution to make it a viable tool to increase efficiency within the healthcare industry.

Real Estate Services CRM

The Real Estate Services CRM serves to revitalize innovation in the Real Estate industry by providing a custom CRM solution that hits all the right points. Real estate processes and deals largely revolve around the consolidation of all of the entities involved in any given operation. This industry solution does just that by bringing agents, brokers, listings, buyers, and sellers on to one single platform to improve transparency and productivity. There are dedicated modules for buyers, sellers, offers, and commissions to track all aspects of a real-estate business’s proceedings. It also comes with a number of SugarCRM integrations to give your agents all the necessary tools required to close a deal successfully.

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Automotive Services CRM

The Automotive Services CRM puts all the different variables of your automotive business in order within a single system. With custom modules for dealers, buyers, customers, and deals, it is now easier than ever for you to manage your business and monitor all aspects of it from within your CRM. This Sugar industry solution also comes with dedicated inventory and case management functionalities that kick in to ensure your customers always have a support desk in their view that can cater to all of their issues.


The Gym CRM is your one-stop shop for all things related to your gym management. Custom modules and portals make up the surface of this industry solution that is tailor-made to optimize and streamline your gym management. From inventory and administration to trainers and employees, this gym industry solution benefits all aspects of your business.

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Organize the hefty load of paperwork and client details involved in legal proceedings with this Law Industry Solution. Monitor everyone from lawyers and consultants to paralegals and keep track of all cases, appointments, and court visits. This industry solution also comes with a dedicated Clients module that lets you keep record of your clients and find everything you need to know about them. A dedicated Projects module contains everything about your cases right down to the very last detail to make sure you’re always on top of things. That’s not all either, integrations with billing management systems and document management tools come right out of the box to give you everything you could possibly need in one purchase.

Construction CRM

We, at Rolustech, understand very well how the limitless array of stakeholders in construction projects can hamper productivity and lead to financial liabilities. The need for an overarching mechanism to monitor, optimize, and organize these construction projects led us to create this Construction CRM, an industry solution for all construction firms and companies. Much like how a CRM for manufacturing industries operates, this Sugar industry solution also provides a holistic view of all entities with dedicated modules and portals present at each step of the way to enhance efficiency and productivity. This construction CRM can help manage multi-million dollar projects with ease, improve productivity and increase profits.

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