Managing a construction business can be a complex task with various stakeholders involved, from material procurement to budgeting and vendor management. It can feel like a Jenga tower in a storm. However, to keep your business running smoothly, Rolustech has introduced a construction CRM software that is specifically designed for contractors. This CRM offers an efficient database to track entities and their relationships while managing finances effectively. If you’re searching for the best CRM for construction, consider implementing this specialized software to streamline your operations.


A construction company would have the following stakeholders:-

  • Contractors
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Clients

Each stakeholder is represented in a separate custom module within the CRM. Nothing to worry about if you can’t find your stakeholders in this list. Our Certified Developers at Rolustech can make the necessary changes to suit your needs.

Contractors Module

The contractors module lists everything you have about contractors in your database. It also categorizes them based on their services, experience, and past projects with your organization. E.g. You can filter the contractors based on the type of labor i.e. Electricians, Plumbers etc.
Selecting a contractor will view a detailed contact information and history of previous projects of that particular contractor as well as current service charges. The contractors module will list the following features:

  • Contractor Type
  • Contractor Charges
  • Contractor Status
  • Contractor Experience

The contractors module is an excellent way to filter and find the right contractors that suit your demands.

Vendors Module

Similar to the Contractors Module, this shows you the same information centered on the vendors. You can filter vendors based on the type of products i.e. cement, wood, bricks etc. Selecting a vendor shows detailed information on the vendor from the database. The vendors module also shows previous projects undertaken, as well as current status and service charges.

  • Vendor Type
  • Vendor Status
  • Vendor History
  • Vendor Charges

Clients Module

Use the Clients Module to find all the information about current and previous clients. Contact information, previous projects and meetings all in one place. The Clients Module is linked with the Projects Module to quickly see the projects undertaken with a particular client.

  • Client Information
  • Client History
  • Client Meetings
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projects modules

Projects Module

The project module lists all the projects currently in progress, due, or completed. The projects module gives the optimal overview of the capacity at which the organization is at work. This can help organize and schedule projects to improve client satisfaction. The Projects Module will include;

  • Project Progress
  • Project Manager Assigned
  • Project Schedule
  • Project Budget Analysis
  • Contractor & Vendors Assigned

Mobile App

Take full advantage of all these features on site and on the go with an integrated mobile app that puts all this information in the palm of your hand. We understand that cross platform synchronization is of paramount importance and this app intends to do just that.


Frame 40637
As a quick demo, the captured image above shows a list of Contractors, Vendors, Employees and Clients. Clicking on any client name will display contact information i.e. email ID, contact numbers, Company affiliation, Notes etc. Similarly, clicking on a particular contractor will show up their record including list of all clients, contact information, financial details etc.

Other Modules

Some other modules would also be present within the CRM such as projects, leads, campaigns and finances.
Frame 40638
A Lead Generation module will include all the information on the perspective lead and their status.

This is just the starting point to optimizing your Construction business, you can enhance the functionality of your CRM by miles with SugarCRM Plug-ins or more personalized SugarCRM Integrations that can help you build a system that can encompass all of your business needs. So, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Us Now to find out all the innovative ways Rolustech can help you manage construction business. Similarly, clicking on a particular contractor will show up their record including list of all clients, contact information, financial details etc.