With more and more people taking their health seriously and fitness becoming more of a norm, there’s been a robust increase in the number of people signing up for gyms. According to Nuffield Health, people making $20,000 a year or more are more likely to use the gym more than once a week. However, this increase in the number of people spells havoc for the gym administration. Consolidating all of their data, schedules, reports and payments is no mean feat and requires constant maintenance, and a lot of money.

But what if there was a way to put all of this information in one place? Well, for your sake, there is. Taking all of these issues into account, our team of Certified CRM Experts have developed a custom CRM solution for Gym in the form of an Industry Solution, with the sole intention of making life easier for both the gym and its clients.

Our Certified CRM Experts specialize in providing CRM Consultancy services for the fitness industry. One of the primary benefits of implementing a CRM for fitness is the ease with which gym administration can manage staff roles, salaries, and schedules. Additionally, gym instructors can use the CRM to categorize their clients based on health, fitness schedule/goals, and attendance, while members have access to a dedicated module where they can view their payment history, fitness goals, and attendance records. These are just a few examples of how our Gym CRM can help optimize operations and improve customer experience in the fitness industry.

The most significant components of the CRM for gym industry are Administration, Trainers, Employees, and Members.


This module in Gym CRM lists all the information on all of the components of the gym including the staff, trainers and members. The administration module is targeted solely to analyze and keep track of the overall management of the organization e.g.:

  • Budget
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Membership Upgrades
  • Analysis (Income, Balance, Renewals)
  • Insurance Details
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The employee module in Gym CRM lists all the employees. This helps break down the different roles and capacities in which the employees work. The components of this module include:

  • Weekly Schedules
  • Shift Timings
  • Current Status
  • Educational Details
  • Payment History
  • Members assigned to Trainer
  • Salary
  • Emails
  • Member Progress Reports


The members’ module contains all the registered members. Using this module, a member of the staff can view information about a particular trainee including his personal details, medical history and workout schedules etc. Other components of this module are:

  • Status Updates
  • Attendance Records
  • Health Records
  • Physical Measurements
  • Assigned Trainers
  • Emails
  • Subscription Types

The members’ module can be integrated with a marketing platform with the help of a plugin to help the organization keep track of prospects and leads. This module can be integrated with the organization’s email or social media networks to consolidate prospects in one place. The prospects and leads can then be targeted with emails and limited time offers, expanding the organization’s client database.



Each instructor will have an online portal where they can log in and keep track of their activities, objectives and responsibilities. Using this portal, the instructor can view:

  • Weekly Schedules
  • Client Information
  • Work-out Details
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly Progress of assigned members


Similar to the Instructor portal, the members’ portal is targeted towards the members, giving them the liberty to view information and targets about themselves. The members can use this portal to see their progress reports, payment history and schedules.


In case the existing features of Gym CRM don’t cover the full extent of your needs, we have Certified CRM Developers at Rolustech who can conjure up the perfect blend of the bits and pieces you need, along with any third-party integrations to suit your needs.

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Synchronize different platforms, including social media, to list down your prospects. Put them in target lists and direct your efforts to converting them. Save your time and budget in one stroke.


Take full advantage of a dedicated reports module with advanced reporting functionality to find the insights you need and optimize business performance. The reports section includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Current Members Visiting Hours
  • Revenue earned per member
  • Business Development Trend

There’s more from where that came from. Get in touch for a FREE Business Analysis or read our Beginner’s Guide to RT Gym CRM to find out all the innovative ways Rolustech can help you manage your gym.

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