The high-cost and maintenance issues play a deciding role when it comes to a customer’s choice in automobiles. You’d find that customers factor in a lot of different variables when buying a car, more so than a lot of other things. Living up to these expectations can be a gruesome affair, and the bigger the organization, the bigger the problems. Here’s where Rolustech enters the equation with its very own Automotive CRM. Find your dealers, buyers, customers and everything in between all in one place. Here’s how this works!

Dealers Module

The Automotive CRM comes with an efficient database of all the dealers, it can be easily navigated to connect the right dealer to a lead. The variety in the automotive industry is unparalleled which means dealers often establish their own niche of automobiles to cater to. Our Dealers Module gives you a complete breakdown of the dealers in your database, their contact details, experience, and expertise.

  • Map Locations
  • Sales Criteria
  • Sales Expertise
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Buyers Module

Use the buyers module to list detailed information on the buyers in your database with their preferences and needs. The buyers module is also a vault for your marketing budget. Utilize this module in our Automotive CRM to separate qualified leads from the rest and keep your sales team working efficiently and focussed in the prospects that matter the most. Integrate the buyers module with third-party platforms including social media platforms to find all your perspective leads in one place. Target the ones that suit your criteria and focus your efforts where needed.

  • Lead Generation
  • Contact Information
  • Buyer Requirements
  • Automobile Details
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Customers Module

Convert closed deals to customers to keep track of them for better relationship management when they return to you for any other purchase or support. It can either be for faulty car components or car maintenance. The customer module in the Automotive CRM gives a complete breakdown of the customer’s history and dealings, and provides considerable help in accommodating your customers properly.

  • Customer History
  • Customer Purchases
  • Loyalty Management


Keep track of all the deals that are in the funnel using this module. Having it related to the inventory, buyer and dealer module, you have the right information at the right time keeping you informed of the status and the number of interested buyers to prevent clashes and keep your customers satisfied.

  • Sales management
    •  Purchase
    •  Trade-in
  • Pipeline management
  • Insurance management

Inventory Management

Inventory Management comes with customizations to meet your unique needs and help you efficiently manage data for your inventory

  •  Picture fields
  •  Warranty information
  • Multi-location Stock Management
  • Spare part management

Case Management

Automatically have cases populate in your CRM using a custom built form integrated with your website. The module intelligently links the case to a customer and gets your support team quickly up to speed with all the necessary information in this Automotive CRM.

Reporting and Analytics

Stay on top of what’s happening in your business by having a bird’s eye view of your leads, customers, buyers and deals to get the right information at the right time.

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Productivity Tools

  • Calendar Management
  • Tasks & Activities
  • Custom Dashboards
These are all the basics of what goes into managing an Automotive business, you can enhance the functionality of your CRM in any way through our wide range of plug-ins or more personalized integrations with any third-party functionality you require to fully optimize your business processes. So, reach out to us for a FREE Business Analysis to find the perfect CRM solution for your needs. Our Certified CRM Developers will help you decide what’s best for your organization.