10 advantages of Implementing SugarCRM for Healthcare Industry


The expanding reach of CRM is certainly not restricted to the profit-generating organizations rather it has penetrated successfully in the public service firms such as clinics, hospitals and health care units.

In order to help the intent and vision of healthcare entities, CRM technology is used that adds bundled advantages to the installation. One widely used CRM solution in diversified business verticals is SugarCRM. Compiled here are 10 advantages of implementing SugarCRM for healthcare industry:

1.      Strengthens Relationships Between Patient and Practitioner:

SugarCRM aids better relationship between healthcare provider and the patient by managing a complete profile of the patients for the Doctor and of attendants for the patients. The information of the patient is kept confidential and made visible only to the concerned person.

2.      Automates Processes:

SugarCRM can also be customized to minimize the time wasted on manual processes and the opportunity for delays in care by automating appointment scheduling. Through SugarCRM for the healthcare industry, we can create a portal that permits patients to reserve their own appointment slot in the given calendar if it is available. This can also automate the billing system.

3.      Activates Notification System:

For every appointment scheduled, SugarCRM sends a notification to the patient and the attendant before a specified time so that no appointment is left out or remains unattended. The notice can be sent via email, text message or a voice call as per the demand (In case, you have VOIP integrated with your SugarCRM system).

4.      Generates and Keeps Track of Patient’s Records:

SugarCRM can be also be tailored to produce and keep track of electronic records generated to facilitate the check-in process, patient’s visits and billing while considering the health insurance or life insurance policies.

5.      Patient Management:

One big advantage of installing SugarCRM system for the operational assistance is Patient Management for both in-door and out-door patients. The SugarCRM integrated systems render flexibility for the case management and capacity evaluation system to determine the number of rooms available in addition to a reservation of appointment timings in the Doctor’s schedule.

6.      Keeps Patient’s Medical History:

The most important factor in medication is the medication history of patients that helps doctors and unit staff to detect drug-related pathology for every consistent patient while understanding changes in the clinical signs that arose because of drug therapy. SugarCRM has proved to be a great tool in terms of keeping this medication history, prescription and medication management, of patients that saves all the services provided.

7.      Manage Patient’s Referrals:

Managing patient referrals is an ingenious approach to spur patient retention that goes in hand with optimization of the network to help patients in terms of getting expeditious and efficacious consultancy for highest-quality, lowest-cost maintenance options and improving patient service and satisfaction.

8.      Manage Equipment Service Scheduler:

Maintenance of equipment plays an important part in the quality of services you deliver hence; SugarCRM caters to the equipment maintenance side by keeping track of the service frequency and generating alerts before it is checked so that the whole system runs smoothly. This is another factor in making SugarCRM for healthcare a perfect fit.

9.      Accessibility of Patients’ Medical Records across the Unit:

SugarCRM does offer a feature to upload and manage Patient’s laboratory tests and diagnostic reports on the server so that the reports can instantly be shared with the concerned individuals across the unit. Instant access to reports helps in rendering timely and accurate services to the patients along with enabling departments to obtain patient’s necessary information for patient gratification and wellness.

10. Enhances Collaboration:

SugarCRM also improves collaboration not just internally but with the Patients as well. If talked internally, you can link your SugarCRM system with the chain laboratories to facilitate the patients so that they don’t have to visit laboratories for reports collection.  This also fosters the medication process and customizes process workflows to automate care coordination activities.

In order to address your business’s unique needs, you can tailor your SugarCRM system and relish the automation in SugarCRM with high-quality service delivery.


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