It has become increasingly difficult and inefficient for the people working in the medical sector to manage the histories and schedules of their patients. The expectations have risen to a point where clinics require technology driven solutions to carry out and streamline their business processes. Today, doctors and patients alike, are looking for solutions that allow them to view their appointments and histories and also let them interact with each other with simple clicks.

Consequently, our team of Certified CRM Experts has developed a cloud based Medical Services Platform that empowers doctors and clinical staff to meet the rising expectations of their patients. It provides functionality for doctors and clinical staff to fully keep track of their patients; this includes their appointments, history, issued prescriptions, and more. It also provides patients the ability to view their upcoming appointments, their medical history and prescriptions that were issued out to them. It also allows medical practicioners to better market themselves and attain qualified prospects who are looking for convenient and easily accessible healthcare. These are only some of the many CRM benefits for the healthcare industry.

The entities involved in today’s medical services platform are the Doctors, Patients, Clinical staff, Appointments, Inventory and Insurance for patients

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Doctors Module

This module lists all the doctors along with their details and weekly schedules. From a doctor’s point of view, Rolustech’s Medical Services Platform gives them a bird’s eye view of their day and includes components like
  •  Weekly Schedule
  •  Medical histories of patients
  •  Issued Prescriptions
  •  Invoices
  •  Clerical staff assigned to doctors
  •  Equipment used

Patients Module

This module lists all the patients of the clinic. Using this, a member of the staff, can view detailed information about a particular patient including their personal details, medical history, diagnosis, prescriptions, current status, and scheduled appointments. Some other components of this module include:
  • Payment History
  • Insurance Details and Reimbursements
  • Attachments like reports and scans
  • Status updates

Clinical Staff

This module contains all the members of the clerical staff including the receptionists, nurses and the maintenance crew. It shows their personal details, including their designations and the doctors they are associated with.  Some components include:
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Employee Type
  • Equipment Used

Patient Portal

Each patient will have access to an online portal that they can log in to and view their entire medical history, including their reports, the prescriptions issued to them, their past appointments and doctors’ notes from those appointments. Using this portal, patients can also view their upcoming appointments and schedule new ones.

Prospects Tracking and Conversion

Most medical practitioners lack the ability to attract prospects and follow up on them. According to an estimate, typical clinics are only able to convert 15% of their prospects. Using Rolustech’s Medical Services Platform, clinics can now actively engage in marketing campaigns and increase their clientele.

Customized Dashboard View

With Rolustech’s Medical Services Platform, doctors will have their own Custom CRM Dashboards where they will be able to view their upcoming appointments and with a click of a button, retrieve all the necessary information for any given patient.
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The Reports module will offer advanced reporting functionality to provide useful insights from the collected data. This will allow the management to monitor and improve their business performance. Some out of the box reports include:
  • Number of patient visits per week, month & year.
  • Revenue earned per doctor
  • Business growth rate over a period.

We look forward to explaining all the ways Rolustech can help your clinic with CRM in the healthcare industry so you can reach new heights with this industry solution and build close relationships with your patients.