The financial services ecosystem has become increasingly challenging for the advisers who manage investments. The expectations of the clients have risen to a point where the companies need technology driven solutions to carry out financial management. Today, clients demand collaborative platforms, visibility, transparency and most important of all convenience to interact with their financial managers.

Taking the transformative trends and key financial CRM features into account, Rolustech has developed a cloud based Financial Management Platform which empowers the financial advisers to meet the rising client expectations. This highly personalized customized CRM solution gives the advisers the ability to provide collaborative and personalized advice by having an up to date, holistic, and comprehensive view of each and every individual client on a unified platform.

Below are some of the main features of our Financial Services Solution:

Entities are seamlessly connected

The entities involved in today’s financial management are the Advisers, the Investing Clients, Potential Investors, Investment Sectors, Deals and in some cases intermediaries as well.

Rolustech’s financial management platform uses custom modules to provide seamless access to the modules of Investors, Leads, Deals, Tasks, Meetings to empower the adviser with all the tools he needs to perform efficiently.

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Investors Module

This module includes all the information that an advisor or a company needs on an existing client at a single click.
Along with the client’s personal information, it includes the client’s investment portfolio. Some components include;

  •  Total investments by the client
  •  The advisor associated to the client
  •  Returns on investments
  •  His/her assets and liabilities

Prospects Module

This module lists all the potential investors and their related information. This includes:

  • The Investment sector preference of the prospect
  • All the interactions with the advisor
  • The proposals sent and shared with them
  • Status updates
  • Returns Module


The module on Returns reveals a bird’s eye view of all the returns that the company has generated for individual clients. These include ‘Year to date’, ‘Month to date’ and ‘Week to date’ returns.

Moreover, this module provides advanced filtering using which the advisor can easily filter the sectors and customer segments to reveal useful insights of the financial ecosystem.

Deliver Extraordinary Communication to the clients

Currently less than 10% of the investors communicate with their clients on a weekly basis. According to some estimates, 67% of the clients would prefer financial advisors who use mobile apps and latest interactive tools.

Rolustech has aimed to facilitate client communication with extremely convenient clicks. With the right CRM integrations, we have ensured agents can communicate with clients effectively and have access to leading industry tools including VOIP solutions and IVR technologies.

Not only this, the platform helps advisors collaborate with their teams in real-time to manage investments and produce most profitable results for the client.

Detailed Dashboards to enrich your knowledge of the investor

With the Financial Services platform, the advisors can start their day with all the client information on their homepage, accessing their platform from anywhere. To stay on top of their workload they are provided with a list view compiled intelligently from their leads and opportunities. They are also able to keep track of their important tasks on any device.

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The solution lets financial advisors learn more about their clients with detailed views of client’s rich profiles. It allows advisors to quickly access the most important information including investment, return goals, tasks, meetings and important reports  on their customizable dashboards

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Investment advisers can unlock meaningful client insights from their business data to have an overall picture of the market conditions of the investment ecosystem. Using this data, the advisers can then suggest the clients the most viable investment opportunities to help them reach their financial goals.

In the reports module, the advisers can build detailed and in-depth reports not only for the clients but to get useful insights to help them improve on their current investment portfolio. They can view graphs showing what they have closed so far and what they are expected to close in the coming quarter.

Email Marketing Functionality

The platform provides Email Campaigning functionality among other features. This lets the marketing team define target lists, send measurable campaigns to both existing and potential investors and track the results from the campaigns on a unified platform. We look forward to explaining all the ways Rolustech can help your financial services firm reach new heights with Rolustech’s financial cloud and build relationships with your clients that last generations.