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RT SugarStripe officially released!

Version 1.1 (Available: 11/11/2019)




  • Multi-currency support




  • 8.x.x – 9.2.x




  • Multi-Currency Support


Version 1.0 (Available: 10/09/2019)


Payment via email allows user to pay invoices without getting into the hustle of interacting with the Stripe dashboard.

Moreover, the form used is provided by Stripe, which provides enhanced security features for making payments.

The generation if notification after the payment is complete will allow the user to know the status of
payment once it is complete. This feature also make the plugin more user friendly.




  • Single payment functionality
  • Payment via emails
  • Generation of notifications when the payment is complete




  • Bug fixes and some other improvements
  • Stripe library is upgraded




  • Compatible from SugarCRM 8.0 to 9.1
  • On-demand and on-site Compatible

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