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Streamlined business processes

Streamlined business processes

Save time by not having to enter customer records into separate systems. Have both SugarCRM and Xero keep each other up to date with new and changing customer details.

Greater Insights

Greater Insights

See the full 360 degree view of the customer when in SugarCRM by seeing customer sales invoice and purchase order history combined with the regular CRM history of email, call, task and meeting history. Also, see lifetime value of the customer, date of last payment and total outstanding amounts all from within SugarCRM.

Increased Cross system Functionality

Increased Cross-system Functionality

Empower CRM users with the ability to create sales invoices from inside of CRM.

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Trigger SugarCRM workflows from sales history synced from Xero.

More Effective Marketing

More Effective Marketing

Identify and target market to clients based on purchase history or areas of product interest.

Increased Understanding

Increased Understanding

Use the power of SugarCRM reports that combine your SugarCRM and Xero Accounting data.


Now you can conveniently access, manage


all your Xero Accounting inside SugarCRM.

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Initial Sync Wizard

A simple multi-step process will guide you through the process of setting up the integration and performing the process of importing Xero contacts in SugarCRM.

Matching Record Detection

Automated association of matching records that exist in Xero and SugarCRM.

Contact Sync

Sync Xero Contacts with SugarCRM Account and Contact records. The Xero Primary contact record is displayed in Sugar and Secondary contacts can be synced also.

Supplier Sync

Accounts in SugarCRM can be a Customer, Supplier or both. Supplier records will display purchases and Accounts that are both Suppliers and Customers can display associated invoices and purchases.

Invoice Sync

Customer invoices will display on both the Account and Contact records in SugarCRM. Invoices include all product line items. As payments are made to invoices in Xero, the amount due will update on the synced invoice record in SugarCRM.

Sync Purchases

Purchases from suppliers will display on both their Account and Contact records in SugarCRM. Purchases include all product line items.

Directional Sync Control

Syncronisation can be set to be Xero to SugarCRM, SugarCRM to Xero or to be full two way sync. This setting can be controlled per module.

Automated Synchronisation

Regular syncing is setup by the Initial Sync Wizard and provides multiple options for sync frequency.

Enhanced SugarCRM Record views

When viewing Account and Contact record views in SugarCRM, additional important information will be visible from Xero. Also, there will be sub-panels for sales and purchase history.


Yearly Plan


Yearly(30-day trial)

  • License for one production instance
    • Can use on multiple test and dev instances
  • Support Included
  • Download available after checking out
  • Works with these editions:
    • Professional
    • Corporate
    • Enterprise
    • Ultimate
  • Works from version 7.0 and above

* All purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

* We also offer one time purchase. Please Contact us for quotation.


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