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RT GSync now supports SuiteCRM 7.11.8

  • Compatibility:
    • SuiteCRM 7.8.0 – 7.11.8
  • Added:
    • Allow users to update the Last Sync Date for Calendar, Contacts, Drive, and Tasks in the RT Gsync Preferences page.
    • Synchronization of Meetings/Calls from Google Calendar and SuiteCRM in batches to optimize scheduler job time.
  • Bugs Resolved:
    • The calendar doesn’t sync more than 2500 events.
    • Redirects to Google Authentication even User is not in allowed Gsync Users.
    • After authentication from Google, it lands to the error page even if Google credentials are saved successfully.
    • The document doesn’t get unlinked in Google Drive if it is unlinked in SuiteCRM.
  • Known Issues:
    • Locations of Events don’t Sync from SuiteCRM to Google and Google to SuiteCRM.
    • Tasks are not syncing for SuiteCRM 7.10.* and below.
    • If Accounts/Contact/Opportunity/Cases name is updated in SuiteCRM, it doesn’t get updated in the drive folder.

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