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RT GSync – Sugar 8 Release

We are pleased to announce the latest version of RT GSync. An easier installation experience and a new multi-calendar feature. Read the release notes for more information.:

  • Compatibility:
    • SugarCRM 7.8 – 7.11 (on-premise and on-demand)
    • SugarCRM 8.0.0 (on-premise and on-demand)
  • Added:
    • Multiple Calendars Support
    • Google drive sync feature is added
    • Added Multiple Calendars Support
    • Automatically added Gmail ID field on installation and removed on uninstallation
    • Uninstallation deactivates schedulers
  • Changed:
    • Auto redirection to license page issue resolved
    • Data cleanup on uninstallation is now optional
    • Reduced access to Google Suite
    • Gmail password in the user profile is no longer required
  • Known Issues
    • Entry in the secondary calendar as well as primary calendar when updated from SugarCRM
  • Limitations
    • RT GSync can only transfer files up to 5 MB size
    • During a scheduler run, GSync can sync a maximum of 100000 events from Google to Sugar
    • During a scheduler run, GSync can sync a maximum of 100000 contacts from Google to Sugar
    • GSync is not responsible for syncing emails from Gmail to Sugar, SugarCRM is responsible for that

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