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RT StikiNotes now supports Sugar 10!


  • 8.x.x to 10.0.0


  • BCompatibility with Sugar 9.3 and 10.x
  • Improve performance time
  • RT Personalize should work with different plugins from Outfitters
  • RT Personalize should work perfectly on Firefox


  • Custom CSS may not implement some elements of 3rd party plugins. Because plugins are using their own CSS instead of sugar default CSS.


  • Hide RT personalize Module
  • RT Personalize is working now with different plugins from Outfitters
  • Search Bar theme of the dashlet is going with the selected Color Palette
  • Create icon and Action drop-down icon in sub-panel is changing color on hover
  • RT Personalize – “Date Modified” and sorting icon in the list view is according to the color palette
  • Global Search – Dropdown in search is now according to the selected color palette
  • Records are now properly highlighted on hovering in the list view
  • Accounts – Text white while hovering over Preview and Hint tab
  • Search Layout theme is now according to the selected palette
  • RT-Personalize – Issue in the header in List view
  • Home – Renewal Console
  • Global Search
  • Hovering in Record view
  • Footer – Shortcuts
  • Exactly Matches Filter
  • Blue Pin overlaying marker, making it unclickable
  • Handling the case when the Geo Location is turned off.

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