Q1: How can I view or set fields in the IVR settings?

1- Go to Admin module
2 -Navigate to Repair and click on it
3- Click on Quick Repair and rebuild
4- Scroll down to the bottom of the page
5- If there is any query built there, click on EXECUTE button

Q2: I am unable to see the Call/SMS button. What is the reason for this?

There could be multiple reasons for the call button not showing up. Please try the following solutions:

1. Verify your Call account settings

1.1. Go to Admin module
1.2. Scroll down and click on Call Account Button
1.3. Provide all the required fields by following the guide
1.4. Make sure Source Phone number doesn’t have any spaces or brackets
1.5. Save the settings after validating the license key from Validate button

2. Check IVR settings (for calls only)

2.1. Go to Admin
2.2. Scroll down and click on IVR settings
2.3. Fill all the options accordingly
2.4. At the bottom, there are options to change access for users
2.5. If you are unable to change access for the users, please read this question
2.6. Give access to users accordingly (Call button would be visible to only those that have access to outbound and both calls)

3. Repair JS

3.1. Go to Admin
3.2. Click on Repair
3.3. Select Rebuild JS Grouping Files

3.4. After its completion, perform Empty Cache and Hard Reload


Q3: Why am I unable to make outbound calls?

1. Please verify that Call account settings and IVR settings are correct.
2. Make sure the Source Phone doesn’t have any empty spaces, brackets or dashes in it.

3. Check Twilio credit

3.1. Go to https://www.twilio.com/console
3.2. Check balance field and make sure it’s more than $1

4. Try calling a number with country code attached
5. Make sure the phone number to which you are calling doesn’t have any extra space or character in it.


Q4: The call status is not changing or incoming calls not appearing in the CRM. Please help.

To resolve this issue, please verify the following:

1. Site URL

1.1. Go to Admin and navigate to Diagnostic Tools
1.2. Select SuiteCRM config.php and uncheck all other options

1.3. Click on Execute diagnosis
1.4. Click on Download the Diagnostic file
1.5. Extract the downloaded file
1.6. Open config.php
1.7. Find site_url

1.8. Compare it with URL of your instance(appearing in browser). URL before /index.php is your site URL

1.9. If these URLs don’t match then change the URL in config file. If you’re unable to do that, ask your CRM support to set your site URL in config.php
1.10. Make sure it’s on https. Http causes issues due to browser restrictions


2. Twilio Settings For calls

2.1. Verify that Twilio settings are done properly and there is no typo in URL provided on Twilio.
2.2. For that, log in to Twilio account
2.3. Click the # button
2.4. Click on the phone number, you want to configure

2.5. In the Voice and Tax panel, on the field When a call comes in select webhook and write URL as
In the example site URL was https://plugins.rolustech.com:44338
So URL would be: https://plugins.rolustech.com:44338/index.php?entryPoint=twilio_callback

2.6. Same URL should be pasted in Messaging Panel of the same number

2.7. Check app setting on Twilio. For that, click on # button inside the pane on left
2.8. In the sub-menu, click on Tools button

2.9. Create a new app/modify the existing one
2.10. Provide a friendly name
2.11. In voice and messaging section mention the same URL as
In our case, SiteURL was https://plugins.rolustech.com:44338 so we added

2.12. Copy SID and paste it in Admin>>Call Account>>Application SID field
2.13. Also, verify other credentials of Twilio

Q5: Call Recordings aren’t available. Please help.

1. Go to Admin, open Studio and select Calls module

1.1. Click on Layouts and select Detail View

1.2. Drag and drop New Row in OverView Layout
1.3. Drag and drop recording field in it and click on Save and Deploy.

2. Enable call recording option in IVR settings

Q6: What should I do if I am unable to see SMS or Call button after successful installation of RT Telephony?

Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:
1. Perform “Repair and Rebuild” under SuiteCRM’s Admin settings
2. Go to Admin. Navigate to IVR Settings and under section “User Management for Call”, the “Access” dropdown field value must be “both” for the users who wants to use complete functionality.
After enabling this option your user will be able to see SMS and Call options


Q7: Does RT Telephony support SuiteCRM on-demand?

Yes, it supports SuiteCRM on-demand instances.


Q8: What is the Request URL for setting up SMS?

For SMS, use the same Request URL which you used to set up up calls.


Q9: Outbound messages have stopped working. What could be the reason?

Please make sure you have enough credit to place a message.


Q10: Why is SMS module not showing messages in List view?

Please make sure that Scheduler is active & cron job is running.


Q11: Can I send messages from my mobile phone to CRM contacts?

Yes! Messages will be shown in the conversation popup of that particular contact.


Q12: Why are scheduled messages not getting placed?

Make sure the scheduler & cron job are in working state.


Q13: My ‘Create SMS’ screen is not visible now. What could be the reason?

Please make sure your License key is updated and correct.


Q14: I am not getting a message on mobile phone whereas the status of that particular message is marked as ‘sent’ in the CRM.

Please make sure there is no issue in your mobile service provider because if status is ‘sent’ then the message has been triggered.


Q15: Can I send MMS?

No. MMS functionality is not supported.


Q16: Can I send Group message from the CRM?

Yes, you can send messages to multiple recipients using RT Telephony.


Q17: Is there any Delivery Report in the CRM regarding message status?

Yes, there is a status field in SMS from where you can track the status of the message.


Q18: Does voicemail functionality support inbound calls?

Yes, inbound calls from the CRM support voicemail functionality.


Q19: My voicemail functionality is not working. What should I do?

Go to IVR settings & mark “Enable For Inbound Call” checkboxes. It should work now.


Q20: How can I avoid voicemail messages from being recorded?

Uncheck the “Enable For Inbound Call” checkbox under voicemail section of IVR settings.


Q21: Is there any message recording time limit?

Yes, users can record their messages for a maximum of 120 seconds.


Q22: Extension feature is not working during inbound calls. How can I resolve it?

Go to IVR settings & check “Enable Extension” checkbox.


Q23: Can we set different extensions for different users?

Yeah, Twilio provides you an option to set different extensions for different CRM users under “User Management For Call” section in IVR settings.