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RT Telephony – Ready for Sugar 8 with a whole new look and features!

– Emoji feature for chatbox
– SMS Campaigns.
– SMS Templates for SMS Campaigns.
– URL Shortening for long urls in SMS Templates.
– Flexibility to grant/revoke access to Chatbox/SMS Campaigns.
– Realtime Call Duration display
– Get notified whenever an inbound call is missed or did not reach you.
– Get notified whenever an SMS Campaign is concluded.
– Ability to create contact/lead for unknown numbers.
– Know why you are unable to call a particular number.
– Automatic creation of schedulars for SMS and Campaigns

– Completely new UI for call box and chatbox.
– One click to forward a call
– Inbound call status to missed rather than canceled if call is not picked up
– Real time status update of an sms
– Translated target list types
– SMS Notification with record name instead of number only
– Optimization of code

Default Country Code is not working
– Outbound Calls are not being recorded
– Voice mail is not working
– Call price is in negative
– Call comes even when session is expired
– When a call is forwarded to one admin, it gets forwarded to all available admins
– Accept/Reject buttons are not hiding after accepting/rejecting an inbound call
– Inbound calls are only logged in calls module if attended. Otherwise there is no record of the call.
– Right after installation of rt telephony, the user appears busy in inbound call status.
– Price is not set when outbound call is made to any account or lead
– Dialpad for outbound calls is not working from keyboard keys
– Notify user on trying to make new call while a call is already in progress.
– Call Account settings saved with empty fields

Known issues:
1- Emojis appear at the start of text in chatbox when emoji picker is opened through emoji button.
Temporary solution: Use TAB key to open emoji picker to avoid this problem or after opening emoji feature, click in text-box where the emoji should be and then select emoji

– SugarCRM 7.9.2 to 8.3.0

Special instructions:
– After installation, Please do:
– A quick repair and rebuild
– Rebuild JS Grouping Files
– Empty Cache and Hard Reload

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