Readily Available CRM for Real Estate Agents

With over 100 integrations at your disposal, RT Real Estate CRM lets you customize your workflow, and communicate effortlessly. 

  • Two-way synchronization with RT GSync between Google and your CRM, ensuring seamless data flow and organized insights.
  • Elevate your communication game with RT Telephony, the cutting-edge integration with Twilio revolutionizes voice and SMS functionalities
  • Navigate like a pro with RT SalesMap and effortlessly track, locate, and route your Accounts, Leads, and Contacts directly from your RT Real Estate Solution.
  • Accelerate deals with RT DocuSign, streamlining document and contract handling, closing business faster than ever before.
  • Stay on top with RT Stiki Notes. This complimentary plugin helps you keep a record of every detail in your Real Estate CRM.
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How RT Real Estate CRM Works?

Tailored for real estate agencies of all sizes, RT Real Estate CRM is a comprehensive solution with custom modules to facilitate agents in effortlessly accessing the modules of every entity they need, all within a single, user-friendly interface.With our Real Estate CRM, you can effectively chart the perfect communication, management, and marketing processes for your Real Estate firm.

Other sections

Listings Module

Get access to a list-view of all the listings associated with your brokerage, the listing module contains a holistic view of each listing. This includes the listing’s address, its demand, its market worth, status, any offers made against the listing and the interested parties. The module also reveals the listing wizard for each property. This wizard allows the agent to enter the buyer’s preferences according to which the most suitable properties are displayed.

Offers Module

This realtor contact management software provides a list view of all the offers made against a listing. By clicking on any offer the agent is shown a detailed view which contains all the information regarding a specific offer including the owner of the listing and his contact information, the interested buyer and the status of the offer including the information on when it is expected to be closed.

Buyers Module

In this module, the complete profile and the requirements of the buyers are listed in a way that your agents can easily visualize the buyers’ preferences and suggest optimal listings. This module provides essential buyer information, encompassing the buyer's listing preferences, budget, any offers they've made on listings, and associated properties within your brokerage. Achieve excellence in client management by using the best crm for realtors.

Commissions Module

The Commission module lets you calculate the agent’s commission on each transaction with most ease. This module offers a comprehensive overview of commissions for both sales and purchases. The module also provides transparency regarding the status of each commission, indicating whether it has been paid or remains pending, ensuring that financial transactions are managed efficiently and accurately.

Sellers Module

This module lists down all the sellers in a list-view to provide you with a bird’s eye view of the sellers. It also incorporates all the information for each seller in a detailed view. This comprehensive module covers all critical aspects of seller information, including their personal details, associated listings, listing demand, and any offers made against their listings.

Seamless Third Party Integrations

The readily available platform provides the ability to integrate with third party applications to boost productivity of your sales agents. Some of these applications include:

  • Google Maps
  • Twilio Telephony System
  • E-Signature
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Accounting Applications
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