5 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Cloud CRM

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Cloud CRM benefits

Can’t make up your mind on which deployment method to choose for your CRM? Whether On-Premise or Cloud-based? I know the decision to choose between onsite and cloud deployment can be quite perplexing. I have always been an advocate of cloud technology and therefore, I recommend cloud-based CRM software due to the numerous advantages it offers to enterprises.

1. Speedy Deployment

Onsite deployment consumes time and labor. You need dedicated IT staff to look after the installation, repair, maintenance and upgrade of the hardware. However, cloud CRM can be set up and activated in no time, allowing organizations to start using and benefiting from their CRM immediately without any delays or disruptions.

2. Faster Upgrades

If you have cloud CRM, you can be pretty sure that you are using the latest and most up-to-date version of the software as opposed to an onsite deployment where you have to wait for downloads and installations.

3. Secure Data

Until and unless you have a team of IT experts in your organization, chances are that your data is not secure residing in your own onsite servers. With cloud CRM, you can sit back and relax as the data is kept secure using highly sophisticated encryption techniques.

4. Easy Access

One of the most distinctive features of cloud CRM is that it offers access to data 24/7 from any device and from any location. So whether your employees are at home or at a cafe, they can view and update information in real-time without having to visit the office.

5. Greater Flexibility

With cloud CRM, you pay on a subscription basis which allows you to easily scale your CRM as per your business needs. As your CRM grows, you won’t need any additional IT resources as there is no hardware involved; all you have to do is adjust your user license numbers. Moreover, cloud CRM can be seamlessly integrated with third-party apps to leverage cloud technology.

The Bottom Line:

Cloud CRM has transformed the way businesses are reaching out to customers and building lifelong relationships with them. The opportunities created by cloud technology are endless. If you still haven’t moved to cloud CRM, now is the time. What are you waiting for?

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