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Salesforce Summer 20 Release

(Updated on July 2021)

The key to a successful business endeavor is the constant need to improve and adapt. When it comes to improvements in managing business operations and customer service, it is essential to keep their CRM platform updated with data as well as functionality. Upgraded features of the platform can help make the user experience better, and at the same time, provide more tools to carry out day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

Keeping this in mind, CRM service providers such as Salesforce roll out routine upgrades and new releases. The upcoming Salesforce Summer 20 release is one of the most awaited CRM updates, having had its release postponed due to the ongoing healthcare crisis. With the first release window opening up on 12th June, however, things appear to be back on track.

The new release comes up with some truly innovative ways to keep business processes optimized and equip users with tools that make their everyday lives easier. So what new features does the Salesforce Summer 20 release introduce? Let’s find out!

Split List View

Often while managing lists, users might feel the need to visit multiple records on the list. This exercise in Salesforce normally involves going back and forth from the list to the various records. In the Summer 20 release, this inconvenience is addressed by the addition of the Split List View, where users can view records right beside the list view. In this way, users are prevented from navigating between the two views. This is ideal for the scenarios where a quick skim of the records is required.

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Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms allow users to build their own custom records in the Lightning App Builder. The records could have information fields that companies could customize on their own, as per the needs of the vendor. An entire record page could be tailored according to the needs of the user, since each field and section can be imported into the Lightning App Builder as individual components. With only the relevant fields available, records are concise and easier to load. Previously existing record pages can be modified in the new release, and new pages can also be made from scratch.

In-App Guidance Builder

In order to assist users with navigating the CRM, the in-app guidance builder proves to be a useful tool. This tool could be used to make prompts and walk-throughs, which could serve as a very effective means of communication between employees and the administration. This allows for a greater aptitude for learning new skills within the company and saves time on training and preliminary instructions. Users can delete or reorder steps in the guidance builder and prompts can be activated or deactivated depending on the company’s preference.

Einstein Search

Einstein Search allows CRM users to search in Salesforce in a similar manner to that of a search engine. Using the natural language search, users can search via common phrases and words to get the required search results. This natural language search is supported for most modules, including leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts. The search results get smarter over time, leveraging the AI to get a better sense of the user’s needs. The Salesforce Summer 20 release allows the Einstein Search to be much more easily functional on the mobile application. 

Einstein Vision

With the help of Einstein Vision, a great convenience that can be leant to users is a successful Optical Character Recognition software. Users can detect alphanumeric text from an image with the help of OCR and can be used to easily transfer data from images such as business cards to records that require actual text. The use of AI allows the software to run more accurately once it gets a sense of the data being translated.

Big Deal Alerts

With the Salesforce Summer 20 release, users can set up automatic email notifications for all opportunities that reach a certain threshold of probability. This feature used to be previously available in Salesforce Classic only, however, with the new release, it would also be available in Lightning Experience. The alert appears similar in look as the opportunity detail page, complete with a page layout and language as per the user’s preference. 

Optimizer Application

The need to review an organization’s performance is rooted in the effort to constantly improve performance. With the optimizer app in the Salesforce Summer 20 release, users can simply enable and run the application and allow it to inspect the organization’s platform. Users can easily address issues that require immediate attention as displayed in a list that is sortable. The application also recommends a course of action to resolve the issue, which the user may choose to employ. The results page has quick links that can take the users directly to the relevant page in order to implement the next plan of action.  

The Salesforce Summer release became globally available on 17th February 2020. This update has fixed bugs from the previous versions. New features have also been introduced for user convenience. This includes split list views, dynamic forms, in-app guidance builders, and Einstein search. Other features that have been added are Einstein vision, big deal alerts, and optimizer application.

The Bottom Line!

Salesforce keeps its user’s needs at the forefront of its priorities and comes well prepared with new releases that strive to serve the user better. In order to have a more efficient CRM platform, users must keep up with the updates and be on the constant lookout for ways to streamline their business operations. Rolustech, being a Certified Salesforce Consultant, can help you get the most out of your CRM. Our additional services like Salesforce Customization and Integration can help you take your platform to even newer levels of efficiency and convenience. 

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