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When it comes to customer support, businesses need to be on their best behavior and punctuality. Once a transaction has been made, it’s best not to think of it as the end of a journey, rather the start of a relationship. A strong relationship means they will be with you in the long run, and avail your products and services more. A great way to kickstart your customer experience by given them great support is through Freshdesk. SugarCRM Freshdesk integration forms a combination of platforms that can greatly empower your customer support teams. 

Freshdesk houses a large number of features that complement the support process greatly and streamlines support workflow. The power of automation and AI combined on this platform will make building relationships with customers a breeze. Freshdesk with SugarCRM is capable of all of that and so much more. By turning various different tasks into a ticketing system, customer support becomes more manageable.


When dealing with customers, their ongoing issues can also be converted into tickets which can then be tracked by agents. All your customer conversations should be utilized on the spot, and ticketing is the main way to go about it. With the proper SugarCRM customization, you can track the tickets in realtime from the CRM interface without opening Freshdesk

Team Inbox

Ticketing in Freshdesk is a collaborative effort, that is why you can do much more than just send replies. You can also prioritize tickets based on the keywords present in them, as well as assign them to specific agents. This is so that there is no confusion about which agent is working on which ticket. Freshdesk has a few built-in features into the Team Inbox like collision detection which lists everyone viewing or replying to the same ticket. 

AI in Ticketing

Artificial Intelligence present in ticketing means that agents will not be wasting time on tedious tasks. AI can automatically categorize, prioritize, and route all incoming tickets, it can also recommend the most suitable solution. Finally, it can also stop you from reopening tickets that are already resolved. 

Collaboration Features

Parent-child Ticketing

You can split a ticket into what are essentially sub-tickets, these will help you go a long way. By dividing tasks further, your teams can work in parallel and resolve issues at a much faster rate. Have teams perform specific roles and be accountable for them, holistically this will lead to the ticket being resolved efficiently. 

Shared Ownership

Some tickets need different tasks from different teams to resolve. You may want to share the ownership of the ticket in this case. This will keep everyone in the same loop and can track each other’s process concerning the ticket. The creator ticket creator is fully aware of what the task entails and will have an answer for the customer. 

Communicate with Field Teams

Freshdesk also links the ticket history to tasks given to field agents, giving them the full context of the situation. Service tasks created share core problems in the ticket as well as customer details like the address, phone number, etc. When teams on the field are better equipped with knowledge of customers and their exact issues, they can perform at their best.

Freshdesk Automation

Freshdesk does a great job at automating many of the processes present in the ticketing platform. For example, follow-ups with customers are automated, so teams can focus on curating the exact responses necessary. 

Customer Contact

The moment customers contact you, from any channel, is the moment automation by Freshdesk begins. Depending on the subject, or the channel they used to contact you, tickets will automatically set their own priority. This is combined with automated assigning of said tickets to the best suitable customer support agents. This ensures that customers can get a response as soon as possible. 

No More To-Do Lists

At hourly intervals, Freshbooks will scan all outstanding tickets and will remind you regularly about pending work. With SugarCRM integration, you can save these reminders to your CRM and proceed with the process there. Save time and get rid of the redundancy with Freshbooks Automation.

Freshdesk Analytics

You now have another analytics engine on top of SugarCRM analytics. Freshbooks supplies you with a holistic view of the support function’s analysis. At a glance, it gives you the most important data upfront with its one-click analytics.

If you need more detail, you can customize reports to include the exact things you want in detail. 


SugarCRM combined with Freshdesk will provide you, your support teams, and your field teams with a platform that will allow them to deal with customers effectively. A ticket-based platform may be just what your support system needs to keep an eye on tricky customers. The tickets are so thorough, automated, and customizable, that every situation that you might find yourself in will be covered. 


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