Forecasting in CRM


Are you facing difficulties in inventory management? Are you looking for accurate sales forecasting and curious about how some factors impact your sales?

We have some piece of advice to offer!

Why forecasting?

Forecasting enables you to control your business by anticipating risks and opportunities. It helps you improve your inventory management, hence leading to higher rate of ‘On-time In-full’ delivery. Furthermore, it helps you with supply chain management and excellent control of internal operations. Predictions help in planning your financials and marketing campaigns. To sum it all up, forecasting is the secret to controlling your business.

Sugar gives you control

Sugar makes sales forecasting easy, predictable, and accurate. Forecasting is a tedious task. But with Sugar, statistics and graphical representations are available with a single click. Sugar makes it happen in a blink of an eye with users required to make the minimal effort.  But don’t think that ease of use is not the only factor as to why you should opt for Sugar. Here are a few more:

Intuitive pipeline management allows the sales representative to effortlessly focus when needed. This is a stand out feature of Sugar. Sugar lets you manage pipelines across various time periods so you can plan things accordingly. In addition to this, Sugar allows forecasting using opportunity records, giving you the authority to choose which record to select for forecasting and see the distance to quota with every addition or subtraction of opportunity record. To sum up, Sugar offers control at the level of opportunity records to help forecast and telling you where to focus.

Every business manager wishes to make the forecasting within their organization, at the managerial level, as smooth as possible. Equipped with team-wide forecast visibility, Sugar is the ultimate choice. It allows you to review and manage forecasts of your entire team.

Sugar keeps you updated about forecast submissions and a review of previous submissions can assist you to identify patterns. In addition to this, Sugar lets you intelligently identify factors affecting your sales. Hence, essentially, it gives you the authority to control your sales.

Sugar gives you the ability to review and manage forecasts of each member of the team through a single worksheet. Assigning quotas, adjusting individual forecasts and analyzing the performance of individuals are no longer considered tedious tasks.  For Sugar users, the solution to all these tasks can be achieved with a single click.

Sugar also allows your enterprise to keep track of customer activities. If you’re at a managerial level in your company, Sugar will intelligently shift your focus to more paramount issues. Hence, it saves the day at not only the sales level but at the managerial level as well. Thus, it allows your business to observe patterns without overriding complications and provides your company with some brilliant insights into factors affecting sales and marketing. To sum it up, Sugar makes forecasting effortless and precise giving control back to you.

Use forecasting to Boost Sales

So what do you think? Have you decided to make an effort to increase your sales? How about you let us help you in choosing the perfect tech savvy, up to date and state of the art technologies for invigorating the Sales perspectives of your venture.

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