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Odoo comes with an ecosystem of different plugins and modules to ensure that it can work within any use case. You can suit it to any industry you want with the Odoo CRM module, which is increasingly customizable. As such, you can customize it perfectly for many purposes, like Odoo inventory management in today’s case. 

Inventory management is one of the toughest areas of conducting business. Keeping track of each piece of inventory can prove to be tedious if not properly equipped. Automating or easing this process is especially important, Odoo CRM is one of the best platforms to do just that. 

Once you have an instance of Odoo running, you can get rid of the manual processes involved in inventory management. With this in place, you can achieve better results without changing what you do with your business. Make your inventory well managed with an industry-standard system, and increase the overall speed of the system. 

If you already have an inventory management system and wish to use Odoo, simply get an Odoo migration. The way we conduct it, relationship mapping is retained between every piece of data and replicated in Odoo CRM. When you have inventory management running efficiently, it links to the increase of conversion rates and customer satisfaction. 

We’ve talked so much about it already, let’s see exactly what it can do for you.

Odoo Inventory Management

Quick Processing

With Odoo, managing inventories does not have to be such a time-consuming process, the same goes for inventory processing. You can achieve it easily because of what Odoo CRM can do for you regarding internal operations and stocking. Get rid of manual data entries too, their automation also speeds up the process and takes the burden off you. Every time your stock goes through a certain change, it can be recorded without the need for human input. 

Automated Restocking

You can automate the restocking process completely if you get your Odoo CRM customized in the right manner. Other customizations to achieve the same purpose include RFQs and order points, these can greatly reduce delays and human errors. You will not have to painstakingly update yourself when new products and services are added or removed from the inventory. 

Managing Inventory Routes

Inventory routes are developed over the course of a business’s life, these can prove difficult to manage over time. Odoo CRM is capable of handling such route complexity by customizing it into the system. Most types of routes are supported, involving many locations, cross-docking, and drop shipping. Incorporating new routes is as easy as making slight edits on the CRM platform

Address Exact Stocks

A meticulous record can be kept on the exact nature of each of your stocks inside of Odoo CRM. That means whenever there is a sale, movement from warehouse to warehouse, or it gets spoiled, you will be the first to know. A useful dashboard can also be implemented that shows you the current status of all your inventory at a glance. A real time view is what you need in order to make more effective decisions in the current moment. 

Robust Reporting

Odoo is able to generate consistent and detailed reports relating to the information stored in the database. This includes all of the inventory management that your firm has been actively doing. You can have these reports generate automatically over a set period of time, manually with the current database.

Odoo Integration with Third-party Apps

Now that you are using a platform like Odoo, you are able to integrate with many third-party applications. These can include all other systems that you have used prior, plus more to enhance the inventory management process. You can even integrate an eCommerce platform like Magento to keep track of your inventory allocated there. 

You can achieve much more in a shorter time this way, without straying far from the Odoo interface. 


Effective inventory management is the key to smooth business operations as, if gone wrong, can cause major halts. The lack of bottlenecks makes it easy to drive up profitability and makes it easier to scale the business accordingly. By having Odoo you can monitor everything in real time, making it more accessible to deal with it then and there.


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