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Sugar allows great flexibility to its users when it comes to using their CRM platform. With several options available when it comes to the setup, management, and maintenance of the Sugar platform, users have their fair share of choice, allowing them to target their needs efficiently. The open-source nature of the platform, too, adds a great degree of flexibility in terms of the deployment options available to the users. 

Another significant way in which Sugar provides flexibility to its users is through the SugarCloud service. SugarCloud is a customer experience platform that lowers the cost of ownership, allows for greater user adoption, and can be used, both, as a business strategy as well as a platform. 

With rapid innovations and enhancements in the SugarCloud platform, users get the best of the cutting-edge technology and can leverage the great flexibility that SugarCloud provides to build lasting customer relationships and increase the efficiency of their business processes.

So what exactly does SugarCloud offer to its users? Let’s find out!

SugarCloud Services

SugarCloud Services include SugarCloud Insights and SugarIdentity. SugarCloud Insights allows the users on the cloud environment to monitor their database, license usage, file system storage usage, and access to PHP error logs on top of that. Meanwhile, SugarIdentity provides an industry-standard identity solution to its users and allows for a single sign-on across multiple SugarCRM applications and services.

SugarCloud Insights

By navigating to the ‘Admin’ page, users can access SugarCloud Insights in the SugarCloud section. Once at the Insights page, user information is broken up into three categories: Database and File System Storage, License Usage, and Error and Access Logs. 

In the Database and File System Storage, users can find details of their purchases and the relevant storage and sandbox limit for each of those purchases. The storage amount is depicted in a segmented bar and is broken down according to the division of the storage of the respective instances.

As far as the License Usage section is concerned, Sugar allows a limited number of user seats to a particular organization in order to access the application. The License Usage section allows administrators to keep track of the number of license users at a time and manage any issues that may arise from having too many active users.

The Error and Access Logs are sections where administrators are allowed to generate PHP error and access logs for any part of the application not working properly. In the event of any customizations or other parts of the application not working properly, the PHP error log can help users troubleshoot and resolve issues. This is made even easier with the help of Access logs which can be used to trace HTTP requests to see where in the chain of events did the error occur.


SugarIdentity allows its users to be able to manage their user identities and access their applications and services within SugarCRM. With the help of a single identity solution, a single sign-on is enabled for the convenience of the users across all applications. The cloud services console manages this SugarIdentity service. For every creation of a new Sugar instance, the administrator must access the SugarIdentity service in the cloud settings to enable a few key features associated with it.

Benefits Of SugarCloud

SugarCloud allows its users a host of conveniences that allow users to manage their business processes in an optimized manner without compromising on the output of the organization. Some of SugarCloud’s benefits include:


Without having organizations constantly invest in better management infrastructure, SugarCloud enables its users to reduce expenditures and focus more on their output. Having had a cloud-based customer experience platform that routinely updates, companies are assured that they get the best of Sugar whilst keeping their costs low.

Quick Deployment

SugarCloud is not only easy to use, but also pretty easy to set-up. Users can deploy the platform in a matter of days and do not require and complex development solutions.

Rapid Updates

With every Sugar quarterly release, the SugarCloud updates to the latest version incorporating newer features and getting rid of any bugs and potential inefficiencies. Each update reflects on the recent trends and innovations and incorporated better features to make the user experience better. 

Data Security

SugarCloud gives its users complete reassurance that their data is secure. With the best information security measures at hand, users can ensure their clients absolute privacy and can handle sensitive data with the utmost professionalism.


A lot about the SugarCloud platform is customizable and allows its users a lot of flexibility when it comes to their platform. With automated workflows, pre-built connectors, module builders, and rest API, SugarCloud gives its users every opportunity to tailor their platform according to their own work requirements. With multiple integration and customization options available at hand, users can extend the functionalities of their Sugar platform well beyond the default out-of-the-box solution.

Our Two Cents!

Rolustech offers its clients the ability to seamlessly integrate their SugarCloud platform with any third-party software, including pre-built plugins that would enable them to tailor their platform as per their needs. Additionally, with a range of SugarCRM Customizations available, uses can take their platform a step further.

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