SugarCRM APIs: An Overview

sugarcrm api

What exactly is an API? Well, I’ll tell you now that if your apps did not have APIs, they would stop working completely. Whenever you check the news on your phone or send someone a funny picture you found the other day, you are using an API. It stands for Application Programming Interface, and it allows two completely different applications to communicate with one another.

There is a wonderful example of this involving a restaurant. You the customer are an application, and the kitchen is the other application that you want to link to. What do you do? You use an API or in this case, you use the waiter to communicate with the kitchen on your behalf. With the digital age in full force, APIs are absolutely essential going forward. 

The end result of an API should be presented in a readable way to the user. This is so that they do not even know what is happening in the backend and have a normal experience.

APIs Are Secure

A layer of security is also provided when using APIs because they are only programmed to access certain data. Your phone is not compromised as only relevant data has to pass through in small packets. For example, when checking the weather, only your location is extracted by the API, nothing else is affected. When apps ask for certain permissions to your data, you can think of this as what the API will access. A secure method is mandatory so that malicious platforms can easily be avoided by just writing a secure API.


APIs are especially important for companies like SugarCRM, where the state of APIs governs how it does business. Useful integrations with other platforms are made possible by SugarCRM’s robust library of various APIs. 

Now, there are some standards that are adhered to when developing an API, namely SOAP and REST. SugarCRM typically follows the REST protocol which is developer-friendly, easily accessible, and broadly understood. For most SugarCRM integrations, they have already provided APIs written with the REST protocol in mind. These perform in a certain way which is suited to most companies looking to integrate their applications with the platform. 

SugarCRM API Customization

Sometimes, you may not prefer how an API functions exactly and need some changes done in the code. This can occur if you want specific data retrieval other than the one provided to you already. 

Rolustech understands this need and is constantly working on customizing APIs for clients who have specific needs for their SugarCRM. With a deep understanding of the REST protocol, we can integrate virtually any and all apps on the platform. Integrations that you require have to be finetuned to exactly suit and not hinder the business process. 

A possible scenario is that an API is not available for an application that you wish to integrate SugarCRM with. In this event, Rolustech can develop the API for the application, so that the SugarCRM API can communicate with it. With API development and customization, you are well on your way to having seamless integrations for SugarCRM and third-party platforms.

Summing Up

APIs are an essential part of the tech industry. If platforms could not talk to each other, everyone would be scrapping together a single solution that does it all. That would lead to a lot of mixed results and a lack of focus on their core competencies. Their provision is also important, SugarCRM comes with major APIs that suit most important applications and needs. The gaps can be filled in by Rolustech, we have years of expertise in customizing and developing them. 


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