Case Study: Customized Salesforce Solution for Tech Industry

Salesforce Tech Industry

Client Profile

Our client has a Salesforce tool crafted by industry experts with over 20 years of experience. It’s the leading customer service app, improving satisfaction, developing employees, and driving business growth. Established in 2015 by customer service and training leaders, our client’s tool addresses the challenges faced by leadership, managers, and agents, providing unparalleled support amid rising customer demands.

Challenges and Objectives

The client faced the following challenges:
Diverse Range of Customer Issues: Client faced a wide array of issues reported by end-user customers across multiple communication channels such as emails, web chats, and
phone calls.
Monitoring Customer Satisfaction: The client aimed to implement a solution to accurately monitor customer satisfaction by effectively categorizing survey responses.

The objective was streamlining case distribution by categorizing and prioritizing cases based on the content of customer communications, considering factors like vulnerability, risk, and profanity.

Solutions Provided

To address these challenges, we implemented an innovative solution leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). Incoming customer data was routed to our AI Backend, where advanced algorithms categorized the content, detected emotions, and assessed compliance levels. The AI returned the sorted data, categorizing it based on predetermined criteria and highlighting the emotional tone and compliance status. On the Salesforce platform, we efficiently mapped the AI-generated JSON data into corresponding fields on parent and child records. This seamless integration enabled our client to automate case distribution, ensuring that cases were assigned to agents based on their urgency and nature, thereby optimizing efficiency. Encouraged by the success of this implementation, our client extended the AI-based categorization process to survey responses, enabling them to monitor and improve customer satisfaction effectively.


The integration of AI-powered categorization and emotion detection significantly enhanced our client’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction monitoring capabilities. By automating the distribution of cases based on content analysis, our client experienced streamlined workflows and improved response times. Moreover, the implementation of AI driven categorization for survey responses facilitated more accurate and insightful assessments of customer satisfaction levels. Overall, our solution has proven to be instrumental in driving greater organizational effectiveness and enhancing the customer experience, establishing a foundation for sustained success in the long term.

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