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Salesforce Financial Services

Client Profile

Our client is dedicated to empowering investment sales professionals by offering a  comprehensive suite of tailored data and resources to facilitate proficient outreach. With deep industry knowledge, our client understands the critical tools necessary for success in the dynamic sales landscape. They aim to support professionals by providing scalable solutions, driving business growth and fostering excellence in the industry.

Challenges and Objectives

We encountered several challenges that demanded innovative solutions like;

  • Managing a large user base with specific data and feature requirements.
  • High licensing costs associated with Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • Customization and integration needs with third-party APIs.
  • Ensuring data security and accessibility.
  • Addressing the learning curve with the technology stack.
  • Quick turnaround time for implementation.
  • Tracking users’ activity for enhanced user experience.
  • Implementing different login options.

Solutions Provided

Our client opted for Salesforce Experience Cloud with custom community sites to address their challenges. They initially set up customer community licenses with core functionalities for rapid deployment. Out-of-the-box (OOB) and customized components were added to meet specific needs. Security and accessibility of data were ensured through Salesforce Profiles, Roles, Sharing Sets, and Groups. Various technologies such as Aura, LWC, Flows, iframes, and third-party integrations were employed. Google Analytics was integrated to track user activity, enhancing user experience. Additionally, the same features were packaged as a plugin and published on Salesforce App Exchange.

Implementation Process

The implementation process began with establishing community sites and basic functionalities using a Workflow Model. Advanced features were added using Agile Methodology as users engaged with the platform. Continuous evolution has been ongoing over the last 3.5 years, with 1-2 weeks sprints for new implementations, enhancements, and customizations. The Kanban Model was also utilized for priority or independent requirements.


Presently, our client’s community site boasts a user base exceeding 43,000 individuals actively engaging with the platform. The database contains millions of records on Investments, Accounts, and Contacts. Maintenance and improvement efforts are manageable, with flexibility to customize the interface and user experience. Over 100 users are currently utilizing the Salesforce plugin, seamlessly integrating data into organizational workflows.



Home Page Layout of the community

Salesforce Solutions Financial Services