Comprehensive Financial Services CRM

As a globally recognized CRM consultancy firm with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, we have proudly developed a cutting-edge CRM for financial advisors. Our highly personalized CRM equips advisors to deliver collaborative and tailored guidance, providing them with an up-to-date, comprehensive view of each client on a unified platform. This tool is your secret to efficient data management, and real-time insights. It boosts productivity, streamlines communication, and ensures compliance, all while being customizable and future-ready.

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Financial CRM Modules

Investors Module

Instantly access essential client information. It covers personal details, investment portfolio, total investments, the assigned advisor, investment returns, and financial assets and liabilities – all accessible with a single click.

Email Marketing

Our Financial CRM not only offers robust email marketing features but also provides valuable benefits. Marketers can efficiently target audiences, create customer-first experiences, and deliver measurable campaigns to clients and investors while tracking results on a single platform.

Custom CRM Modules for Advisors

Our financial platform goes beyond communication, offering custom modules, granting advisors efficient access to Investors, Leads, Deals, Tasks, and Meetings, enabling them to deliver excellence to their clients.

Prospects Module

Catalog potential investors and their pertinent details, such as investment sector preferences, interactions with the advisor, shared proposals, status updates, and returns. The Returns Module reveals a bird’s eye view of all the returns that the company has generated for individual clients.

Built-In Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting

Investment advisors, empowered by the best CRM for financial services, leverage business data for comprehensive market insights. This allows them to recommend the most promising investment opportunities that align with clients' financial goals.

Detailed Dashboards and Reports

With the easy-to-use Reports Module advisors can create detailed reports, offering insights for portfolio improvement. They can access client data anywhere with the Financial Services platform, efficiently manage tasks, and stay informed on completed activities and future projections.

Real-time Collaboration with Clients

With this CRM for financial advisors we enable extraordinary client communication with a single, convenient click. Through seamless CRM integrations, we empower agents to communicate effectively while providing access to cutting-edge industry tools, including VOIP solutions and IVR technologies.
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