RT DocuSign Walkthrough

With RT Docusign, you can upload and send multiple documents and PDFs, from your Sugar to your customers for signatures. Additionally, you can also track status changes in your documents throughout the signature process. In order to send a document for signing you just need to click on Accounts, go to the Edit drop-down menu and click on ‘Send Document’.The plugin will automatically detect the attached documents with this account. You can select the document you want to send and also the contacts that you want to send this to. Contacts that are associated with this account are pre-populated, but you can also add other contacts from SugarCRM. Not just this, you have the freedom to choose any document from Sugar using this option. The client’s inbox would receive an email containing the link. If he clicks on it, it will take him to Docusign where he can sign the document and send it back. The signed document will be saved in Sugar. The RT DocuSign plugin offers a convenient ‘Documents Packets’ module that allows users to track the status of document packets, individual documents, and recipients. This feature is especially helpful when sending multiple documents to a contact, as users can easily monitor the progress of each document. Additionally, the plugin enables users to send PDF templates to Sugar records for signing. PDF templates can be created and edited from the PDF manager within Sugar. Sending documents and PDFs to Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Leads is a simple process using the plugin. Another useful feature offered by RT DocuSign is file synchronization, allowing users to easily sync files to OneDrive or other cloud synchronization services. This ensures that all files are up to date and accessible from anywhere, providing greater flexibility and efficiency for users. The RT Docusign Dashlet statistically highlights your RT Docusign activity and keeps you updated on the current status of the envelopes that you sent. It represents in the form of a bar chart the number of envelopes created, sent, delivered, signed and rejected. You can also get real-time alerts on document status changes from the Global Sugar Activity Stream. And also track status changes from the record and module-level Activity streams. Moreover, if you go to the RT Docusign configuration panel, you have the option to restrict access. You can either make a Global account for all users or give each user an individual account for using RT Docusign. RT DocuSign is an easy-to-use and effective integration between SugarCRM,and Docusign. You can configure and send multiple documents and PDF templates from Sugar, and your customers can sign them using their DocuSign account from any browser, including mobile devices, within minutes.