RT QuickBooks Walkthrough

RT QuickBooks is an excellent inventory management system that allows users to get a panoramic view of their customers with just one click. This integration with the Sugar system makes managing inventory and customer data a breeze. The sync history feature is especially helpful in resolving conflicts and tracking sync status messages. The error messages found in the synchronization logs and synchronization data can help users troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the sync process. With RT QuickBooks, users can enjoy a seamless and efficient inventory management experience. Quickbooks online pricing varies depending on the plan you choose, ranging from $25 to $150 per month, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. Creating an account in Sugar will run the schedulers according to the configured time and that account will be automatically added in the Customer module in QuickBooks. If you go to QuickBooks and click on customers, you will see that the account has been automatically synced. Similarly, creating a contact in QuickBooks will automatically save it in your Sugar. The plugin automatically syncs QuickBooks quotes and products with Sugar Quotes and Items bi-directionally and keeps both forums updated. In case of a conflict between QuickBooks and Sugar data, the user has the option to set his priority. If you go to the configuration settings, you will see that you have the option to set your preference of data in case of a conflict. Moreover, you can also select from here whether you want your sync for this particular module to be one-directional or bi-directional. Not just this, you can also configure as to which teams the records should be assigned to when those records sync from QuickBooks to Sugar. You can assign global or custom teams to the synched records. RT QuickBooks integration also has an option of manual syncing. So if you want an account/ quote /product to sync immediately between the two forums, you can go to that record and in the record view options, you will have the option of synching the record immediately with QuickBooks. You can also do this on module level. By clicking on the drop-down menu of the module, you can sync the module immediately with QuickBooks without waiting for the scheduler. Last but not the least, RT QuickBooks also comes with a sync history feature. You can track your synchronization history with a log integrated with Sugar called the Synchronization Logs and Synchronization Data. In the sync history, you can resolve conflicts with the help of error messages found there and also track sync status messages. The direction of the sync process is also available here for user convenience.