RT SalesMap Walkthrough

Track and locate your SugarCRM Leads, Accounts and Contacts on the go using RT SalesMap! Instead of searching through your database, look at your customers and prospects visually.

The plugin automatically picks records from the three modules i.e. Accounts, Contacts and Leads and displays them on Google map and shown by the pins on the map. The positioning of the results is determined by the addresses associated with the SugarCRM records: Green colored pins represent Contacts, Red colored pins stand for Accounts and Blue pins are for Leads.

SalesMap is easy and flexible to use. Using these customizable filters you can refine the search as per your needs. Selecting a filter will narrow down the records to only the ones which are assigned to a particular user. The Map will show only the leads and contacts assigned to this user. Similarly you can create and save multiple filters to match you requirements. For example if you want all your records in a 100 km radius of London, you’ll write down London and define the radius. Clicking on load map will show you the refined results.

To make your life simpler, RT SalesMap offers a quick view option. By simply clicking on the pins you can see this pop up showing the name of the record. Clicking on the popup will take you to the record view of the contact. So by using SalesMap you can simply locate your records on a Map and then go to the details of the ones you are interested in.

And this does not end here. RT SalesMap has a route planner for your sales team. By clicking on a pin you will see the ‘directions’ option in the quick view popup. Clicking on directions will show you all the possible routes between this record and your default address. So you can see that RT SalesMap is equipped with all the goodies which come with Google Maps.

At the bottom of the page you have the count of geo-coded and non geo-coded records. Sometimes, you may find dummy addresses recorded in your system. RT SalesMap helps you bypass this issue. Geocoded addresses represent valid addresses with defined latitude and longitude coordinates. Non-Geocoded records, on the other hand, are the invalid addresses with no latitude and longitude coordinates whatsoever.

RT SalesMap is a highly useful and simple to use plugin which makes your life much simpler by integrating the Google map with your Sugar.

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