Salesforce Property Management System Integration

Both the organizations and follow-ups are critical in the real estate sector. Whether you’re a solo agent handling many projects or a member of a large team, one of the most difficult tasks is having real estate customers fall through the gaps, costing you thousands of dollars in commission.

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Salesforce Real Estate Management

Personal engagements and human connections are the talents and qualities that the majority of successful real estate market workers possess. Real estate marketing automation software can help you streamline processes and save time so you can focus more on building relationships and closing transactions and this is where Salesforce real estate management comes in.

Salesforce Real Estate Management

  • Developing property management software integrations with specific partner tools.
  •  Returning Salesforce data to a property management software
  •  Using Property Management System data to streamline your workflows
  • Technical design consultation, as well as documentation of the technical approach

Benefits of Salesforce and Construction Management System Integration


Users’ real estate data is securely stored offsite with cloud-based management tools. Authorized users can still access that data whenever they want, but they no longer have to be concerned about the location constraints

Built-in Analytics

Salesforce data analytics tools can filter through all of the accessible data on their own to uncover links, causes, and hints that users would have missed otherwise. Built-in real estate analytics provides users with the knowledge they need to act confidently by forecasting marketing adjustments, tracking tenant behavior, and creating accurate reports at the touch of a button

Data Security

The threats to your and your client’s data are considerably reduced with cloud-based real estate administration. The risk of files being lost or misplaced is eliminated with a centralized, professionally managed database

Advanced Automation

Users can develop their business and engage with their tenants more effectively if they have access to the relevant data. However, reviewing reports and applying insights takes time, unless your real estate management software system has Salesforce

Easy to Use

Built-in client portals are available in the top real estate management software, allowing tenants to access crucial information, share problems, connect as a community, and receive support. Because not every tenant communicates in the same way, Salesforce provides a variety of communication channels and assistance alternatives

Integrate Salesforce with any Property Management System

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Buildium is a cloud-based property management software that allows managers of residential and association properties to manage every aspect of their business, including online rent and payments, vacancy management, maintenance cycles, and accounting, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

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Turbo Tenant
Turbo Tenant is a cloud-based property management service that allows you to track tenants and keep track of building maintenance. It distributes vacancy listings to several websites, including Rent Jungle and Apartment List. It also helps people fill out Craigslist listing forms. A tenant database, a rent calculation, and rental form templates are some of the features that users can access.

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MRI Software
MRI Software offers a number of real estate apps to assist property owners, investors, and occupiers with accounting, investment modeling, property management, and analytics. It also offers features such as real estate lifecycle management, financial accounting, commercial leasing, retail management, client management, and tenant portal to its users.

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Your property management team will have the resources they need to provide outstanding service to residents and owners thanks to AppFolio’s intuitive and user-friendly interface. Appfolio includes everything you need to streamline and develop your business, whether you manage multifamily apartment complexes, single-family homes, or community associations.

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Our team of Certified Salesforce Consultants includes Software Engineers, Technical Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and Certified Developers. that ensures our clients are utilizing the complete potential of Salesforce by providing them tailored-made solutions. Rolustech has been working with Salesforce and similar technologies for many years. Many of our consultants have worked in the transportation and logistics sector and understand what it’s like to be in your position.
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