Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integrations

Salesforce commerce cloud is considered as one platform solution for retailers as it can deliver unique shopping experiences. it has the ability to give detailed insights into shoppers’ current purchases and they can utilize this data to predict shoppers’ future purchases.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, like any other platform, is only as powerful as the data it contains. As a result, businesses that use Salesforce Commerce Cloud must ensure that the platform is integrated with both historical and current systems that may include sensitive client data.

Salesforce Retail Management

1. Developing property management software integrations with specific partner tools.
2. Returning Salesforce data to a property management software
3. Using Property Management System data to streamline your workflows
4. Technical design consultation, as well as documentation of the technical approach

Benefits of Salesforce and Retail Management System Integration

One-stop Platform

Instead of maintaining customers’ personal information and customers’ order information separately in two different software, you can view all relevant information on one single platform through salesforce commerce cloud integration.

Marketing and Sales

The data accumulated in a single platform can be used for marketing and promotions, resulting in targeting the right people with the right strategy.

Inventory Management

A CRM platform like Salesforce is perfect for obtaining specific information on an eCommerce store’s best-selling products. This data can then be used to improve inventory management and planning. It also allows him to forecast production, sales purposes, and suppliers using real sales data.


Omnichannel capabilities are one of the most strong arguments for Salesforce eCommerce integration. From a single platform, businesses can effortlessly integrate and manage many channels, such as the web, mobile, and shop.

Mobile Friendly

The number of mobile clients is rapidly increasing every day. As a result, providing an easy and responsive mobile experience that delights customers is critical. That’s why, for a better mobile experience, Salesforce should be integrated with eCommerce.

Integrate Salesforce with Retail Management Software

NetSuite is the leading cloud-based company management software vendor in the world. NetSuite is a single, fully integrated system that helps businesses manage fundamental business activities such as ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce, inventory, and more.

NetSuite and salesforce integration
NetSuite and Salesforce, allow you to securely connect to and access your data through APIS. You can automate your critical processes and save time and money by creating a custom integration for your company.


Lightspeed is a cloud-based software solution that is used in the retail industry. Lightspeed is used in over 100 countries to power local businesses where the community comes to shop and eat. Lightspeed, which was founded in 2005, now employs almost 600 people across the globe, with operations in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Lightspeed and Salesforce Integration 

Lightning and salesforce integration will allow the real-time dashboards to unleash sales insights further, make your business processes efficient, and enrich the customer experience using customer data. 

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