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SugarCRM Migration

SugarCRM Migration

We Make Data Migration Smooth As Silk

Your customer data is your biggest asset and we realize that it needs to be handled cautiously. Moving data from one system to another is a complex and intricate task. Data migration demands ample planning along with a good understanding of current system. Poor data mapping can lead to eventual loss of important data and critical functionality.


Data migration to SugarCRM from other CRM systems is a query that we receive on a frequent basis. The increasing demand of SugarCRM migration services has enabled Rolustech to cater to many clients in this domain. We understand that CRM migration is a major shift for any organization as there are numerous challenges and complexities involved in the entire process and you will need a professional consultant to assist with the smooth execution of the project. We help you out from the inception of the process to its final and post-implementation stages so that your organizational processes keep running smoothly with minimum fuss and your data remains as structured and accessible to you as it was before.

Our team of CRM experts is well versed in and has complete command over the Pentaho ETL tool.  Whether you are migrating data from the old legacy systems or from the modern CRM systems, our experts leverage Pentaho ETL tool to ensure that the data migration process is smooth, swift and secure. Over the years, we have gained widespread recognition in the Sugar community due to our competency and high level of technical mastery. We guarantee you a seamless journey as your data is migrated from your current CRM to SugarCRM with 100% accuracy and business continuity.

The most popular data migrations we have performed include:

  • Salesforce to SugarCRM Migration
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SugarCRM migration
  • Zoho to SugarCRM migration
  • Vtiger to SugarCRM migration
  • SuiteCRM to SugarCRM migration

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